Asian Sports

World Sports played in Ireland include Polo & Polocrosse, first played in Iran and Afghanistan (Polo) and Australia (Polocrosse); Kabaddi (India); and Sepak Takraw (South East Asia). Polo players uses a mallet to hit a ball through two posts while on horseback. Polocrosse is similar except uses a Lacrosse stick rather than a Mallet. Kabaddi is an Indian sport whereby two teams attempt to tag each other and then get back to base without being tagged in the time it takes to hold the breath (this is determined by having to say kabaddi over and over again so that the judge can know the players are not breathing. Sepak Takraw was invented in Thailand or Malaysia, and is a form of Volleyball played with all parts of the body except the arms. 

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Polo (Iranian)

Ireland Polo

Ireland Polo

Federation of International Polo European Championships (Editions): 2016

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Kabaddi (Indian)

Trinity Indian Society; Pro Kabaddi

Irish Kabaddi Matches

Kabaddi Trinity Indian Society 2013

Pro Kabaddi:

Pro Kabaddi (India) 2013-Present

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Sepak Takraw (Malaysia-Thailand)

UCD Sepak Takraw; Sepak Takraw League (Malaysia)

Irish Sepak Takraw Clubs

UCD Sepak Takraw Club 2014-Present

Sepak Takraw League

Sepak Takraw League (Malaysia) 2015-2016

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Cuju (China)

Football Codes from Asia

China : Cuju Cuju (Chinese Football Code) 770 BC – Present

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Kemari (Japanese Football)


Kemari is a Japanese Code of Football resembling hack-sack or keepy-uppies.

Kemari (Japanese Football Code) 794-Present

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