Australian Inter-State Football Millennium Tournament 2000

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Final Standings

*South Australia Dragons220068144
*Victoria Volunteers211049282
Alice Springs Redbacks20206810
Australian Inter-State Millennium Tournament Final Standings 2000 [Ref: compiled from results in 1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Consolation Game
29.01.2000Alice Springs Redbacks18South City Chiefs12
29.01.2000Victoria Volunteers9South Australia Dragons0
Australian Inter-State Millennium Tournament Playoffs 2000 [Ref: 1]


Results (22-29 January 2000)

W/EHome TeamAway Team
29.01.2000South Australia Dragons46Alice Springs Redbacks0
29.01.2000Victoria Volunteers35Alice Springs Redbacks6
29.01.2000South Australia Dragons22Victoria Volunteers14
Australian Inter-State Millennium Tournament Results 2000 [Ref: 1]


Three of Australia’s State Gridiron sides met for the Millennium Tournament in Adelaide from 22 to 29 January 2000. The Victoria Volunteers and South Australia Dragons easily dealt with the Alice Springs Redbacks.

In the Final Group match the SA Dragons won thanks to QB Shane Challans connecting with Dallas Turner with a fourth-and-goal touchdown play. The result was reversed, however, in the Final, with the Victoria Volunteers winning 9-0.



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