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Final League Table

Dublin City Hurricanes161420  058
Greystones Mariners161330  155
Dublin Spartans165110  931
Ulster165110  931
Dublin Black Sox163121  11.523


Points System: 4 Pts Win / 1 Pt Loss / 0 Pts Forfeit (#)

Italics: Qualify for Playoffs.

Playoff Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
DateSemi-Final Score(Corkagh Park)Score
10.09.2017Greystones Mariners1Dublin Spartans4
10.09.2017Dublin Spartans3Greystones Mariners5
17.09.2017Greystones Mariners8Dublin Spartans2
(Mariners won series 2-1)
DateFinal Score(Corkagh Park)Score
24.09.2017Dublin City Hurricanes10Greystones Mariners2
24.09.2017Greystones Mariners5Dublin City Hurricanes7
(Hurricanes Won series 2-0)


Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
 Week 1   
02.04.2017Dublin City Hurricanes6Dublin Spartans2
 Week 2   
09.04.2017Ulster10Dublin Spartans4
09.04.2017Ulster3Dublin Spartans12
09.04.2017Dublin Black Sox7Greystones Mariners11
 Week 3   
22.04.2017Dublin Black Sox3Dublin Spartans24
23.04.2017Dublin City Hurricanes10Greystones Mariners7
 Week 4   
29.04.2017Dublin Black Sox8Dublin Spartans6
30.04.2017Greystones Mariners14Ulster4
30.04.2017Greystones Mariners9Ulster1
 Week 5   
07.05.2017Dublin City Hurricanes22Dublin Spartans1
 Week 6   
14.05.2017Greystones Mariners8Dublin City Hurricanes22
14.05.2017Dublin Black Sox9Ulster8
14.05.2017Dublin Black Sox8Ulster7
 Week 7   
21.05.2017Dublin City Hurricanes15Dublin Black Sox3
 Week 9   
11.06.2017^Greystones Mariners4Dublin City Hurricanes11
 Week 10   
18.06.2017Dublin City Hurricanes14Dublin Black Sox1
 Week 11   
25.06.2017Dublin Black Sox0Dublin City Hurricanes11
 Week 13   
16.07.2017Dublin Spartans8Dublin Black Sox2
16.07.2017Dublin Spartans5Greystones Mariners19
16.07.2017Ulster4Dublin City Hurricanes26
16.07.2017Ulster9Dublin City Hurricanes1
 Week 14   
22.07.2017Dublin Black Sox4Dublin City Hurricanes9
23.07.2017Dublin Spartans18Ulster8
23.07.2017Dublin Spartans7Ulster9
 Week 15   
29.07.2017Greystones Mariners4Dublin Spartans1
29.07.2017^Dublin Spartans2Greystones Mariners15
 Week 16   
06.08.2017Dublin City Hurricanes22Ulster7
06.08.2017Dublin City Hurricanes20Ulster5
06.08.2017Greystones Mariners7Dublin Black Sox2
 Week 17   
09.08.2017Dublin Spartans10Dublin Black Sox7
13.08.2017Dublin Spartans5Dublin City Hurricanes17
13.08.2017Ulster2Greystones Mariners8
13.08.2017Ulster1Greystones Mariners9
 Week 18   
20.08.2017Greystones Mariners7Dublin Spartans2
 Week 19   
23.08.2017Dublin Black Sox0Greystones Mariners7
27.08.2017Greystones Mariners14Dublin City Hurricanes4
27.08.2017Ulster6Dublin Black Sox4
27.08.2017Ulster4Dublin Black Sox3
 Week 20   
02.09.2017Greystones Mariners5Dublin Black Sox1
03.09.2017Dublin Spartans0Dublin City Hurricanes22


Home Venues [5]

TeamHome Field
Dublin Black SoxShanganagh Park, Shankill, Co. Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown
Dublin City HurricanesNational Baseball Facility, Corkagh Park, Clondalkin, Co. South Dublin
Dublin SpartansNational Baseball Facility, Corkagh Park, Clondalkin, Co. South Dublin
Greystones MarinersShanganagh Park, Shankill, Co. Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown
UlsterPeace-Link Park, Clones, Co. Monaghan
Games marked with^Shanganagh Park, Shankill, Co. Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown




Dublin City Hurricanes: A-League Champions 2017[6]

Dublin City Hurricanes won their third crown in a row with a two-game sweep of the Greystones Mariners in the Final.[7]

Final (Best-of-3):

Dublin City Hurricanes 10 Greystones Mariners 2

Greystones Mariners 5 Dublin City Hurricanes 7

Game 1: Pitcher Roberto Marquez changed his game, throwing batters off with his curveball, change-up and strategic fastball. Combined with solid defensive play and hits stread throughout the order it was enough to give the Hurricanes the win in the first game.[7]

Game 2: Dublin City took an early lead through the hitting of Kelvin Almsanazar and Marquez. Starting Pitcher for the second game, William Pena, had success until the late innings, when, with Greystones five runs behind, they sparked a ninth-inning rally. Mariners Liam Shier hit a fly-ball way out to left-field which could have been a game-changer, but a diving catch by Jose Martinez got the first out of the innings. Still, the Mariners got three big hits from Dan Viola, Mark Treacy and Leo Farrell, which left the game in the balance. Tommy Hernandez stepped up to the plate for what would have been the Mariners’ winning run, except for Pena’s curveball, which got the final out, and gave the ‘Canes victory for the third year in succession.[7]



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Thanks to Peter Kavanagh, Baseball Ireland & Peter Mullen, Dublin Black Sox.

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