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Baseball Ireland A League 2018

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League Table

Dublin City Hurricanes A16142013353058
Dublin Spartans A16970139101543
Greystones Mariners A169521311066.339
Ashbourne Giants A1641116814210.626
Ulster Red Sox16493531281222


Points System: 4 Pts Win / 1 Pt Loss / 0 Pts Forfeit (#)

Playoff Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Semi-Final Corkagh Park 
16.09.18Dublin Spartans5Greystones Mariners14
16.09.18Greystones Mariners11Dublin Spartans7
(Mariners won series 2-0)
 A-League Final Corkagh Park 
30.09.18Dublin City Hurricanes15Greystones Mariners5
30.09.18Greystones Mariners15Dublin City Hurricanes21
(Hurricanes won series 2-0)

Reference: [4]

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
07.04.18Dublin City Hurricanes8Greystones Mariners0
08.04.18Dublin Spartans8Ashbourne Giants4
 Week 3   
22.04.18Greystones Mariners15Dublin City Hurricanes9
22.04.18Ashbourne Giants12Ulster2
 Week 4   
29.04.18Greystones Mariners10Dublin Spartans16
29.04.18Greystones Mariners4Dublin Spartans7
 Week 5   
06.05.18Dublin Spartans11Greystones Mariners18
06.05.18Dublin City Hurricanes16Ashbourne Giants0
 Week 6   
13.05.18Dublin City Hurricanes7Dublin Spartans4
 Week 7   
19.05.18Greystones Mariners8Ashbourne Giants2
20.05.18Dublin Spartans3Dublin City Hurricanes9
 Week 10   
10.06.18Ulster Red Sox8Ashbourne Giants7
10.06.18Ulster Red Sox7Ashbourne Giants0 #
10.06.18Dublin Spartans6Greystones Mariners10
 Week 12   
24.06.18Dublin Spartans10Ulster Red Sox0
24.06.18Dublin Spartans16Ulster Red Sox6
24.06.18Ashbourne Giants7Dublin City Hurricanes6
24.06.18Ashbourne Giants3Dublin City Hurricanes5
 Week 13   
01.07.18Greystones Mariners2Dublin City Hurricanes7
01.07.18Ashbourne Giants0Dublin Spartans5
 Week 14   
08.07.18Greystones Mariners13Ashbourne Giants3
08.07.18Dublin City Hurricanes2Dublin Spartans0
 Week 16   
22.07.18Greystones Mariners11Ulster Red Sox3
22.07.18Greystones Mariners7Ulster Red Sox6
 Week 18   
05.08.18Dublin Spartans11Ashbourne Giants16
05.08.18Dublin City Hurricanes7Ulster0 #
05.08.18Ashbourne Giants7Ulster0 #
 Week 19   
11.08.18Ashbourne Giants0Dublin Spartans14
12.08.18Ulster0Dublin City Hurricanes10
12.08.18Ulster4Dublin City Hurricanes9
 Week 20   
19.08.18Ulster Red Sox7Greystones Mariners0 #
19.08.18Ulster Red Sox7Greystones Mariners0 #
 Week 21   
22.08.18Dublin City Hurricanes11Ashbourne Giants1
 Week 22   
02.09.18Ashbourne Giants5Greystones Mariners12
02.09.18Ulster Red Sox2Dublin Spartans10
02.09.18Ulster Red Sox1Dublin Spartans9
02.09.18Dublin City Hurricanes8Greystones Mariners5
 Week 23   
09.09.18Dublin City Hurricanes7Ulster Red Sox0 #
09.09.18Dublin Spartans9Dublin City Hurricanes12
09.09.18Ashbourne Giants1Greystones Mariners16


Home Venues

TeamHome Field
Ashbourne GiantsAshbourne International Baseball Facility, Co. Meath
Dublin City HurricanesNational Baseball Facility, Corkagh Park, Clondalkin, Co. South Dublin
Dublin SpartansNational Baseball Facility, Corkagh Park, Clondalkin, Co. South Dublin
Greystones MarinersShanganagh Park, Shankill, Co. Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown
UlsterPeace-Link Park, Clones, Co. Monaghan
Games marked with^Shanganagh Park, Shankill, Co. Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown




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Thanks to Peter Kavanagh, Baseball Ireland & Peter Mullin, Dublin Black Sox

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