Mariners Baseball Ireland A League Champions 2020

Baseball Ireland A-League 2020

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*Mariners Baseball9720744133021
*Ashbourne Giants963079709018
Dublin Spartans82603969-3046
Dublin City Hurricanes82515062-124.74
Baseball Ireland A-League Standings 2020 [Reference: 4 / RF-RA Compiled from results]

Points: 3Pts Win, 0 pts Loss, -2 Pts Walkover (#)


DateHome TeamAway Team
27.09.2020Mariners Baseball13Ashbourne Giants15
27.09.2020Ashbourne Giants7Mariners Baseball15
Mariners won Series*
Baseball Ireland Playoffs 2020 [Reference: 4 / RF-RA Compiled from results]

*Mariners won series on basis of either having won League Pennant or Aggregate Runs (28-22)

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
19.07.2020Mariners Baseball15Dublin City Hurricanes14
19.07.2020Dublin Spartans14Ashbourne Giants22
Week 2
26.07.2020Mariners Baseball5Dublin Spartans2
26.07.2020Dublin City Hurricanes11Ashbourne Giants13
Week 3
02.08.2020Dublin Spartans9Dublin City Hurricanes5
02.08.2020Ashbourne Giants14Mariners Baseball12
Week 4
09.08.2020Dublin Spartans10Ashbourne Giants13
09.08.2020Mariners Baseball3Dublin City Hurricanes7
Week 5
23.08.2020Dublin City Hurricanes4Ashbourne Giants5
23.08.2020Mariners Baseball7Dublin Spartans0
Week 6
30.08.2020Ashbourne Giants1Mariners Baseball7
30.08.2020Dublin Spartans 0Dublin City Hurricanes4
Week 7
06.09.2020Ashbourne Giants1Dublin Spartans3
06.09.2020Dublin City Hurricanes0 #Mariners Baseball9
Week 8
13.09.2020Ashboune Giants8Dublin City Hurricanes5
13.09.2020Dublin Spartans1Mariners Baseball12
Week 9
20.09.2020Dublin City HurricanesDublin Spartans
20.09.2020Mariners Baseball4Ashbourne Giants2
Baseball Ireland A-League 2020 [Reference: 2-3]


The 2020 Baseball Ireland A League season was shortened to 9 weeks due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, and did not start until the first week of August.

After 3 weeks of the 2020 Baseball Ireland season, Ashbourne Giants were in top spot, with three wins from three, having defeated all other teams: Mariners Baseball 14-12, Dublin City Hurricanes 13-11 and Dublin Spartans 22-14.

Mariners Baseball were in second having picked up wins in weeks 2 and 3 over Dublin Spartans (5-2) and Dublin City Hurricanes (15-14). Dublin Spartans had got off the mark for 2020 with a 9-5 defeat of Dublin City Hurricanes in week 3 in the battle of the two winless teams.

By the end of August Ashbourne Giants had finally been defeated in a shock loss to Mariners, leaving them on 5-1, with the Mariners a game behind. Dublin City Hurricanes meanwhile had picked up their first win, a shock 7-3 win against Mariners Baseball, and then followed it up with a second victory over Dublin Spartans to move into third on 2-4.

The Mariners won the League Pennant with a 12-4 victory in the last game over Ashbourne Giants A, finishing on 7-2 and 21 Points to the Giants’ 6-3 and 18 Points. The Dublin Spartans finished on 6 Points (2-6) and the Dublin City Hurricanes on 4 (2-5 with one forfeit).

The Final was split one win each, however Mariners A took the title having both scored more runs on aggregate in the Final (28-22) and having won the A League Pennant.

Final – Game 1 Ashbourne Giants A 15 Mariners A 13

Giants A20030091015162
Mariners A15005002013124
Baseball Ireland A-League Final Game 1 2020 [Reference: 4]

Final – Game 2 Mariners A 15 Ashbourne Giants A 7

Mariners A51400013115232
Giants A0011111207153
Baseball Ireland A-League Final Game 2 2020 [Reference: 5]
Mariners Baseball Irish Baseball A League 2020 Champions [Reference: 6]


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Thanks to Peter Kavanagh, Baseball Ireland & Peter Mullen, Dublin Black Sox

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