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Baseball Ireland B League 2008

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Final Table

Dublin City Hurricanes B11101041
Greystones Mariners B11920138
Dublin Spartans B105236.519
Dublin Black Sox B102807.516
Cork Druids101729.88

Points System: 4 Pts win / 1 Pt Loss / -1 Pt Forfeit #

Reference: [1]


DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
B League FinalCorkagh Park
21.09.200814:00Dublin City Hurricanes B3Greystones Mariners B2

Reference: [1]

Regular Season Results

DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
05.04.200814:00Dublin Spartans B10Dublin Black Sox B6
05.04.200811:00Cork Druids0Dublin City Hurricanes B6
05.04.200814:00Cork Druids13Dublin City Hurricanes B17
Week 2
12.04.200814:00Gresytones Mariners B5Dublin Black Sox B3
Week 3
19.04.200814:00Greystones Mariners B22Cork Druids21
Week 4
26.04.200814:00Greystones Mariners B5Dublin Spartans B4
Week 5
04.05.200814:00Dublin City Hurricanes B12Dublin Black Sox B3
Week 6
10.05.200811:00Cork Druids19Dublin Black Sox B3
10.05.201914:00Cork Druids4Dublin Black Sox B14
Week 7
17.05.200811:00Dublin Spartans B14Cork Druids4
Week 8
24.05.200814:00Dublin City Hurricanes B17Greystones Mariners B7
Week 9
31.05.200814:00Dublin City Hurricanes B13Dublin Spartans B3
Week 10
07.06.200814:00Dublin Spartans B15Greystones Mariners B14
Week 11
14.06.200811:00Dublin Black Sox B7Dublin Spartans B13
Week 13
13.07.200811:00Dublin City Hurricanes B7Cork Druids0 #
Week 14
19.07.200814:00Greystones Mariners B7Cork Druids0 #
19.07.200814:00Dublin Black Sox B4Dublin City Hurricanes B11
Week 15
26.07.200814:00Dublin Black Sox B11Greystones Mariners B13
26.07.200814:00Dublin Spartans B7Cork Druids0 #
Week 16
02.08.200814:00Dublin Spartans0 #Dublin City Hurricanes B7
Week 17
09.08.200814:00Greystones Mariners B12Dublin City Hurricanes B1
09.08.200814:00Cork Druids0 #Dublin Spartans B7
Week 18
16.08.200814:00Dublin Black Sox BpDublin Spartans Bp
16.08.200814:00Cork DruidspGreystones Mariners Bp
Week 19
23.08.200814:00Dublin Spartans B0 #Dublin City Hurricanes B7
23.08.200814:00Dublin Black Sox B7Cork Druids0 #
Week 20
30.08.200814:00Dublin Black Sox B9Dublin City Hurricanes B12
30.08.200814:00Greystones Mariners B7Dublin Spartans B0 #
Week 21
06.08.200814:00Dublin City Hurricanes BcGreystones Mariners Bc

Reference: [2]

Note: p = Postponed / c = cancelled / # Forfeit (Awarded 7-0 to opponents)


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Thanks to Peter Kavanagh, Baseball Ireland & Peter Mullen, Dublin Black Sox.

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