Baseball Ireland B-League 2011

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Final Standings

B-League 2011PWLFFPtsGB
*Dublin City Hurricanes B15114048
*Dublin Black Sox B151140480
*Dublin Spartans B151050451
*Greystones Marines B15960422
Cavan Comets153120248
West Clare Dolphins1511401810
Baseball Ireland B-League 2011 [Reference: 3]

Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
11.09.2011Dublin City Hurricanes B11Dublin Black Sox B12
11.09.2011Dublin Spartans B11Greystones Mariners B15
17.09.2011Dublin City Hurricanes B6Greystones Mariners B9
B-League FinalBest-of-3
25.09.2011Dublin Black Sox B5Greystones Mariners B3
25.09.2011Greystones Mariners B7Dublin Black sox B0
26.09.2011Dublin Black Sox B10Greystones Mariners B9
Black Sox B win 3-game series 2-1
Baseball Ireland B-League Playoffs 2011 [Reference: 2]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
02.04.2011Greystones Mariners B2Dublin Spartans B15
02.04.2011Dublin City Hurricanes B11Dublin Black Sox B20
Week 2
09.04.2011Cavan Comets B4West Clare Dolphins B3
09.04.2011Dublin City Hurricanes B16Greystones Mariners B7
Week 3
17.04.2011Dublin Black Sox B8Greystones Mariners B4
17.04.2011Dublin Spartans B7Cavan Comets1
17.04.2011Dublin Spartans B15Cavan Comets2
Week 4
30.04.2011Dublin Black Sox B17Cavan Comets2
30.04.2011Dublin Black Sox B31Cavan Comets9
Week 5
07.05.2011Dublin Spartans B4Dublin City Hurricanes B15
Week 6
14.05.2011Greystones Mariners B17Cavan Comets2
14.05.2011West Clare Dolphins3Dublin Black Sox B19
Week 7
21.05.2011Cavan Comets2Dublin City Hurricanes B17
21.05.2011Cavan Comets11Dublin City Hurricanes B13
21.05.2011Dublin Spartans B11Dublin Black Sox B20
Week 8
28.05.2011Dublin City HurricanesB24Dublin Spartans B9
Week 9
04.06.2011Dublin Black Sox B1Dublin City Hurricanes B9
04.06.2011Greystones Mariners B6Dublin Spartans B14
Week 10
11.06.2011Dublin Spartans B4Dublin Black Sox B9
11.06.2011West Clare Dolphins1Dublin City Hurricanes B24
11.06.2011West Clare Dolphins0Dublin City Hurricanes B19
Week 11
18.06.2011Dublin Black Sox B6Dublin City Hurricanes B9
19.06.2011Dublin Spartans B2Greystones Mariners B12
Week 12
25.06.2011Greystones Mariners B10Dublin Black Sox B5
25.06.2011West Clare Dolphins3Dublin Spartans B23
25.06.2011West Clare Dolphins10Dublin Spartans B26
Week 13
02.07.2011Cavan Comets4Dublin Spartans B18
02.07.2011Dublin City Hurricanes B9Greystones Mariners B14
Week 14
09.07.2011Dublin Black Sox B9Greystones Mariners B8
Week 15
23.07.2011Greystones Mariners B34West Clare Dolphins4
23.07.2011West Clare Dolphins2Greystones Mariners B21
24.07.2011Dublin City Hurricanes B21Cavan Comets1
Week 16
30.07.2011Cavan Comets23Greystones Mariners B24
30.07.2011Cavan Comets20Greystones Mariners B19
30.07.2011Dublin Spartans B20West Clare Dolphins2
30.07.2011West Clare Dolphins1Dublin Black Sox B21
Week 17
06.08.2011Dublin Black Sox B7Dublin Spartans B11
06.08.2011Greystones Mariners B5Dublin City Hurricanes B4
Week 18
13.08.2011Dublin Black Sox B15West Clare Dolphins0
13.08.2011Dublin City Hurricanes B18West Clare Dolphins1
Week 20
27.08.2011Cavan Comets6Dublin Black Sox B12
27.08.2011Dublin City Hurricanes B9Dublin Spartans B13
Week 21
04.09.2011Greystones Mariners B10West Clare Dolphins0
Week 22
11.09.2011Dublin City Hurricanes B11Dublin Black Sox B12
11.09.2011Dublin Spartans B11Greystones Mariners B15
11.09.2011West Clare Dolphins1Cavan Comets24
11.09.2011Cavan Comets4West Clare Dolphins24
Baseball Ireland B-League Regular Season 2011 [Reference: 2]


The Dublin Black Sox B saw off the challenge of the Greystones Mariners B to win the Baseball Ireland B League Trophy in 2011. In the third game of the the three-game Final Series, they trailed all the way until tying it up in the bottom of the sixth innings to make it 9-9. At the Bottom of the seventh innings, the Black Sox batting order was back to the top, and Jose Gomez was struck on the ankle with a pitch, putting him on first base. Raul Vazquez hit a line drive past the short stop to put Gomez on second base, then after fouling a picth left and then right, Brian Connolly smashed a line drive between left and centre fielders to allow Gomez sprint towards third, and then with the ball still in the outfield third base coach Kevin Dillon sent Gomez home where his slide beat the thrower for the winning run. [Reference: 4]

The Black Sox B had defeated the Dublin City Hurricanes B in the Playoffs while the Greystones Mariners B had to defeat both the Dublin Spartans B ans Hurricanes B to reach the Final. The Regular Season was a close battle between all four teams, with the Hurricanes B winning the League Pennant on 11-4, and Black Sox B (11-4), SpartansB (10-5) and Mariners B (9-6) following just behind. The other two teams in the B League, Cavan Comets (3-12) and West Clare Dolphins (1-14) finished well off the pace. [Reference: 2-3]


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Thanks to Peter Kavanagh, Tim Kelley and Adrian Kelly, Baseball Ireland.

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