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League Table

B-1 League
*Belfast North Stars2015322148041
*Dublin City Hurricanes B2091102222344.727
Ashbourne Giants U212091101962144.727
Dublin Spartans B2071211842547.319
B-2 League
*Mariners B20155024713645
*Belfast Buccaneers1910901751754.530
Ashbourne Stags209110145180627
Cavan Comets19510410924912.27

Points System: 3 Pts Win / 0 Pts Loss / -2 Pts Forfeit (W/O)Reference: [1][Adjusted – RF-RA Compiled from Results]

Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Semi-FinalsBest of 3
14.09.2019Mariners B15Dublin City Hurricanes B11
14.09.2019Dublin City Hurricanes B9Mariners B4
21.09.2019Mariners B23Dublin City Hurricanes B19
(Mariners B won series 2-1)
15.09.2019Belfast North Stars8Belfast Buccaneers1
15.09.2019Belfast Buccaneers10Belfast North Stars9
29.09.2019Belfast North Stars11Belfast Buccaneers9
(North Stars won series 2-1)
B League FinalBest of 3
29.09.2019Mariners B14Belfast North Stars4
05.10.2019Belfast North Stars10Mariners B9
05.10.2019Mariners B10Belfast North Stars8
(Mariners B won series 2-1)

Reference: [3]

Regular Season Results:

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 2
30.03.19 ^Dublin Spartans B10Ashbourne Stags13
30.03.19 ^Greystones Mariners B9Belfast North Stars0 #
Week 3
06.04.19Ashbourne Giants B0Belfast North Stars11
06.04.19Ashbourne Giants B0Belfast North Stars10
06.04.19 ^Dublin Spartans B5Greystones Mariners B25
07.04.19Cavan Comets9Belfast Buccaneers5
07.04.19Cavan Comets3Belfast Buccaneers21
Week 4
13.04.19 ^Ashbourne Stags9Dublin City Hurricanes B7
13.04.19 ^Ashbourne Giants B20Dublin Spartans B14
13.04.19Greystones Mariners B15Cavan Comets5
13.04.19Greystones Mariners B16Cavan Comets6
Week 5
20.04.19Dublin Spartans B6Ashbourne Giants B9
20.04.19Greystones Mariners B19Ashbourne Stags13
Week 6
27.04.19Dublin Spartans B3Belfast North Stars B15
27.04.19Dublin Spartans B6Belfast North Stars B2
27.04.19Cavan Comets0 #Ashbourne Giants U219
28.04.19Mariners B17Dublin City Hurricanes B7
Week 7
04.05.19Mariners B9Belfast Buccaneers2
04.05.19Mariners B16Belfast Buccaneers2
04.05.19Cavan Comets5Ashbourne Stags13
05.05.19Ashbourne Giants U218Dublin Spartans B27
Week 8
11.05.19Ashbourne Stags 14Mariners B4
11.05.19Dublin City Hurricanes B19Ashbourne Giants U2111
Week 9
18.05.19Belfast Buccaneers8Belfast North Stars18
18.05.19Ashbourne Stags11Mariners B10
Week 10
25.05.19Belfast North Stars11Ashbourne Giants U211
25.05.19Belfast North Stars13Ashbourne Giants U213
26.05.19Dublin Spartans B15Dublin City Hurricanes B14
Week 11
01.06.19Dublin Spartans B9Cavan Comets B0 #
01.06.19Belfast North Stars1Mariners B2
01.06.19Belfast North stars6Dublin City Hurricanes B5
01.06.19Ashbourne Stags7Ashbourne Giants U2112
Week 12
08.06.19Belfast Buccaneers9Mariners B6
08.06.19Belfast Buccaneers17Mariners B16
08.06.19Ashbourne Giants U2124Cavan Comets B13
09.06.19Dublin City Hurricanes B1Ashbourne Stags5
Week 13
15.06.19Ashbourne Giants U213Ashbourne Stags16
15.06.19Dublin Spartans B5Belfast Buccaneers10
15.06.19Cavan Comets13Dublin City Hurricanes B18
19.06.19Dublin Spartans B7Dublin City Hurricanes B17
Week 14
22.06.19Belfast North Stars16Dublin Spartans B1
22.06.19Belfast North Stars16Dublin Spartans B4
22.06.19Ashbourne Giants U2113Dublin City Hurricanes B6
22.06.19Ashbourne Giants U214Mariners B10
Week 15
29.06.19Belfast North Stars12Belfast Buccaneers5
29.06.19Belfast Buccaneers7Cavan Comets0 #
29.06.19Dublin City Hurricanes B24Dublin Spartans B14
29.06.19Mariners B12Dublin Spartans B9
Week 16
06.07.19Belfast Buccaneers2Ashbourne Stags4
06.07.19Belfast Buccaneers12Ashbourne Stags1
06.07.19Cavan Comets6Mariners B9
06.07.19Cavan Comets B0 #Mariners B7
06.07.19Dublin City Hurricanes B7Belfast North Stars9
Week 17
13.07.19Belfast Buccaneers2Ashbourne Giants U215
13.07.19Belfast North Stars10Ashbourne Stags0
13.07.19Belfast North stars7Cavan Comets8
13.07.19Dublin City Hurricanes B7Belfast Buccaneers22
Week 19
27.07.19Belfast North Stars17Dublin City Hurricanes B3
27.07.19Belfast Buccaneers18Dublin City Hurricanes B11
27.07.19Cavan Comets13Ashbourne Stags2
27.07.19Cavan Comets7Dublin Spartans B0#
31.07.19Mariners B8Ashbourne Giants U217
31.07.19Ashbourne Stags4Dublin Spartans B10
Week 20
03.08.19Dublin City Hurricanes B3Dublin Spartans B18
Week 22
17.08.19Ashbourne Giants U2120Belfast Buccaneers 2
17.08.19Ashbourne Stags7Belfast North Stars16
17.08.19Dublin City Hurricanes B12Mariners B11
18.08.19Belfast Buccaneers13Dublin Spartans B17
Week 23
24.08.19Dublin City Hurricanes B7Belfast North Stars0 #
24.08.19Dublin City Hurricanes B16Cavan Comets 4
Week 24
31.08.19Ashbourne Giants U2112Dublin City Hurricanes B18
31.08.19Ashbourne Stags5Cavan Comets11
31.08.19Ashbourne Stags6Cavan Comets5
31.08.19Dublin City Hurricanes B14Ashbourne Giants U2113
31.08.19Mariners B16Dublin Spartans B6
Week 25
07.09.19Ashbourne Stags2Belfast Buccaneers3
07.09.19 Ashbourne Stags4Belfast Buccaneers15
07.09.19Cavan Comets1Belfast North Stars23
07.09.19Dublin Spartans B7Ashbourne Giants U2122
Week 21
15.09.19Belfast BuccaneersCavan Comets

Reference: [2]

Home Venues

TeamHome Field
Ashbourne Giants BAshbourne International Baseball Centre, Co. Meath
Ashbourne StagsAshbourne International Baseball Centre, Co. Meath
Belfast BuccaneersHydebank Park, Newtownbreda, Belfast, BT15FF
Belfast North StarsHydebank Park, Newtownbreda, Belfast, BT15FF
Cavan CometsPeace-Link Park, Clones, Co. Monaghan
Dublin City Hurricanes BNational Baseball Centre, Corkagh Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 22
Dublin Spartans BNational Baseball Centre, Corkagh Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 22
Greystones Mariners BShanganagh Park, Shankill, Co. Dublin

Reference: [2]


Mariners B won the B League Final 10-8 in the third game of a Best of 3 Series against Belfast North Stars. North Stars had taken it to a third game, by winning the second game 10-9, after a convincing 14-4 Mariners B win in the first game.

Both Semi-Finals had also gone to three games, with Belfast North Stars defeating Belfast Buccaneers, and Mariners B beating Dublin City Hurricanes B.

The North Stars and Mariners B were the best teams all season, convincing winners of their respective divisions with 15 wins each. The race for second place in each Division, and therefore the other playoff places was close, with Dublin City Hurricanes B and Belfast Buccaneers just edging Ashbourne Giants U21 and Ashbourne Stags respectively, with Dublin Spartans B and Cavan Comets bringing up the rear.



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Thanks to Peter Kavanagh, Baseball Ireland & Peter Mullen, Dublin Black Sox

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