Baseball Ireland B League 2020

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Final Standings

B League North
*Ashbourne Giants U21108201427072024
Belfast Buccaneers1055091838315
Comets Baseball9450100101-1412
Dublin City Hurricanes B909057157-10080
B League South
*Mariners Baseball B1091016562103027
Ashbourne Stags109101177433027
Cork Cosmos817059114-5573
Dublin Spartans B817047129-8273
Baseball Ireland B League Standings 2020 [Reference: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
B League Final
26.09.2020Mariners Baseball B5Ashbourne Giants U2113
Baseball Ireland B Playoffs 2020 [Reference: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
18.07.2020Ashbourne Giants U2110Ashbourne Stags11
18.07.2020Comets Baseball13Dublin Spartans B3
19.07.2020Mariners Baseball B25Dublin City Hurricanes B0
22.07.2020Mariners Baseball B15Ashbourne Stags0
Week 2
25.07.2020Ashbourne Stags15Cork Cosmos4
25.07.2020Belfast Baseball11Dublin City Hurricanes10
25.07.2020Cork Cosmos4Ashbourne Stags14
25.07.2020Dublin City Hurricanes B1Belfast Baseball18
26.07.2020Mariers Baseball B15Dublin Spartans B5
Week 3
01.08.2020Comets Baseball15Dublin City Hurricanes B13
01.08.2020Dublin Spartans B8Mariners Baseball20
01.08.2020Dublin City Hurricanes B4Comets Baseball14
05.08.2020Dublin City Hurricanes4Ashbourne Stags15
Week 4
08.08.2020Dublin Spartans B1Belfast Baseball22
08.08.2020Mariners Baseball B22Comets Baseball16
08.08.2020Cork Cosmos5Ashbourne Giants U2124
12.08.2020Ashbourne Giants U2115Dublin City Hurricanes B5
12.08.2020Ashbourne Stags9Dublin Spartans B3
Week 5
22.08.2020Belfast Baseball10Comets Baseball14
15.08.2020Dublin Spartans BpCork Cosmosp
22.08.2020Comets Baseball5Belfast Baseball11
15.08.2020Cork CosmospDublin Spartans Bp
23.08.2020Dublin City Hurricanes B11Ashbourne Giants U2124
19.08.2020Ashbourne Stags8Mariners Baseball B5
Week 6
29.08.2020Ashbourne Giants U2114Comets Baseball5
29.08.2020Belfast Baseball15Cork Cosmos6
29.08.2020Comets Baseball8Ashbourne Giants U2111
29.08.2020Dublin Spartans B8Ashbourne Stags18
Week 7
05.09.2020Belfast Baseball12Mariners Baseball B23
05.09.2020Cork Cosmos12Dublin Spartans B16
05.09.2020Cork Cosmos20Dublin City Hurricanes B9
05.09.2020Dublin Spartans B3Ashbourne Giants U2120
06.09.2020Ashbourne Stags13Comets Baseball10
Week 8
12.09.2020Ashbourne Giants U218Belfast Baseball7
12.09.2020Mariners Baseball B10Cork Cosmos0
12.09.2020Belfast Baseball3Ashbourne Giants U2112
12.09.2020Cork Cosmos9Mariners Baseball B18
Week 9
19.09.2020Ashbourne Stags14Belfast Baseball11
19.09.2020Comets BaseballCork Cosmos
19.09.2020Ashbourne Giants U214Mariners Baseball B12
20.09.2020Dublin City Hurricanes BDublin Spartans B
Baseball Ireland B League 2020 [Reference: 2]


After three weeks of the Baseball Ireland B League 2020 season, Mariners Baseball B (4-0), Comets Baseball (3-0) and Belfast Baseball (2-0) were all undefeated. Ashbourne Stags, the B-team of the Ashbourne Giants, were hot on their heels with three wins and only one loss to Mariners Baseball B. New team Cork Cosmos (0-2), Dublin Spartans B (0-3), Ashbourne Giants U21 (0-1) and Dublin City Hurricanes B had all yet to register a win.

By the end of August Belfast Buccaneers (4-1), Comets (4-2) and Ashbourne Giants U21 (3-1) were neck-and-neck in the B-1 Conference. In the B-2 Conference Ashbourne Stags (6-1) and Mariners B (5-1) were well out in front, although only Dublin City Hurricanes B (0-8) had been eliminated.

At the end of the season on 20 September 2020, Mariners B won the B League South Pennant with a 12-4 victory over Ashbourne Giants U21 to finish on 9-1 (27 Pts), the same as Ashbourne Stags, but won the Pennant on Runs Difference over Ashbourne Stags who also finished 9-1.

Ashbourne Giants U21 won the B League North Pennant with an 8-2 (24 Pts) Record. Belfast Buccaneers finished 5-5 (15 Pts) and Comets Baseball 4-5 (12 Pts) finished in 2nd and third in the North. In the South, Cork Cosmos finished 1-7 (3 Pts) in their debut season, the same as Dublin Spartans B. Dublin City Hurricanes finished winless in the North Conference.

In the Final, however, Ashbourne Giants U21 gained revenge over Mariners Baseball B, winning 13-5 in a winner-takes-all game.

Ashbourne Giants U21 celebrate victory in the Baseball Ireland B League Final [Reference: 5]

Home Venues

TeamHome Venue
Ashbourne Giants U21International Baseball Centre, Ashbourne, Co. Meath
Ashbourne StagsInternational Baseball Centre, Ashbourne, Co. Meath
Belfast BaseballHydebank Playing Fields, Belfast
Comets BaseballClones Peace Link Park, Co. Monaghan.
Cork CosmosCork Field
Dublin City Hurricanes BCorkagh Park, Clondalkin, D22, Co. South Dublin
Dublin Spartans BCorkagh Park, Clondalkin, D22, Co. South Dublin
Mariners Baseball BShanganagh Park, Co. Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown.
Baseball Ireland B League 2020


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Thanks to Peter Kavanagh, Baseball Ireland & Peter Mullen, Dublin Black Sox

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