Baseball Ireland Teams, Players & Records

The first Irish Baseball League season took place in 1997 with four teams. The following year it was decided to start fresh with all-new teams and an all-players draft. The Hurricanes and Spartans, now Dublin City Hurricanes and Dublin Spartans were among those teams and are still (as of 2021) in the Baseball Ireland A-League.

Baseball Ireland Teams

Irish Baseball & Softball Federation 1997-2005; Baseball Ireland 2006-Present

Belfast North Stars 1997-Present

Chiefs 1997

Colts 1997

Dodgers 1997

Dukes 1997

Dublin City Hurricanes 1998-Present

Dublin Spartans 1998-Present

Panthers 1998-2005

DiMaggios 1999

Tigers 2003-2004

Dublin City Indios 2008

Dublin Tigers 2014

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Irish Baseball Players

American League; National League; Federal League; Negro Leagues

Major League Baseball | Irish Players:

Major League Baseball | 48 Irish Born MLB Players

P.J. Conlon | Irish Born Major League & Minor League Baseball Player 2015-2018

Picture Credit: [2] MiLB (2019) P.J. Conlon | Photo [Internet] Available from:×270/664869.jpg [Accessed 29 August 2019]

Irish Baseball League Awards & Records

Irish Baseball League Awards; IBL Timeline

Baseball Ireland Irish Baseball League Awards (Seasons):



Irish Baseball League Expansion 1961-present

Picture Credit: [22] Dublin City Hurricanes Baseball Club Facebook (2015) Post, June 23, 2015:”Paolo Barbero wins Home Run King award at Ulster Invitational at #Belfast [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 4 April 2020]