Basketball Ireland National League Men’s Division 1 2015-16

Final Standings

*Keane’s Supervalu Killorglin181441523142642
*Team Kilkenny181081556146230
C&S Blue Demons187111395142721
BFG Neptune186121540157318
IT Carlow Basketball186121281144418
Fr. Mathews185131289139415
JM&L Auctioneers Titans185131348149515
Basketball Ireland National League Division 1 Standings 2015-16 [Ref: 1]

League Cup

DateHome TeamAway Team
Semi-FinalsWatershed Sports Complex
18.03.2016KUBS91Team Kilkenny81
19.03.2016Maree80Keane’s Killorglin76
FinalWatershed Sports Complex
Basketball Ireland National League Division 1 League Cup 2015-16 [Ref: 2]

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
Round 1
03.10.2015Kestrels59Maree BC76
03.10.2015JM&L Titans63KUBS84
03.10.2015BFG Neptune81Fr. Mathews88
03.10.2015Keane’s Killorglin82IT Carlow Basketball70
04.10.2015C&S Blue Demons100Team Kilkenny82
Round 2
10.10.2015IT Carlow Basketball64JM&L Titans56
10.10.2015Team Kilkenny88Kestrels85
10.10.2015BFG Neptune103Maree BC116
10.10.2015Fr. Mathews68Keane’s Killorglin73
10.10.2015KUBS60C&S Blue Demons50
Round 3
24.10.2015C&S Blue Demons94IT Carlow Basketball72
24.10.2015BFG Neptune81Team Kilkenny79
24.10.2015JM&L Titans99Fr. Mathews68
24.10.2015Keane’s Killorglin86Maree BC76
Round 4
25.10.2015Maree BC72C&S Blue Demons62
25.10.2015Fr. Mathews97Kestrels74
25.10.2015IT Carlow Basketball62BFG Neptune83
25.10.2015KUBS85Keane’s Killorglin81
25.10.2015Team Kilkenny124JM&L Titans79
Round 5
07.11.2015Kestrels84C&S Blue Demons71
07.11.2015JM&L Titans79Keane’s Killorglin88
07.11.2015BFG Neptune77KUBS87
07.11.2015Fr. Mathews71IT Carlow Basketball72
Round 6
21.11.2015IT Carlow Basketball65Maree78
21.11.2015BFG Neptune88C&S Blue Demons83
21.11.2015JM&L Titans86Kestrels73
21.11.2015Keane’s Killorglin75Team Kilkenny69
21.11.2015KUBS73Fr. Mathews64
Round 7
27.11.2015BFG Neptune74Kestrels99
28.11.2015IT Carlow Basketball95KUBS107
28.11.2015JM&L Titans78BFG Neptune96
28.11.2015Fr. Mathews77Team Kilkenny95
29.11.2015Maree83JM&L Titans70
Round 8
12.12.2015Kestrels81Keane’s Killorglin86
12.12.2015BFG Neptune110JM&L Titans81
12.12.2015C&S Blue Demons76Fr. Mathews65
13.12.2015Team Kilkenny86Maree95
Round 9
19.12.2015IT Carlow Basketball61Keane’s Killorglin72
19.12.2015JM&L Titans69C&S Blue Demons67
Round 10
02.01.2016Team Kilkenny103C&S Blue Demons75
02.01.2016Fr. Mathews80BFG Neptune78
02.01.2016KUBS78JM&L Titans87
Round 11
16.01.2016Kestrels85Team Kilkenny71
16.01.2016JM&L Titans83IT Carlow Basketball89
16.01.2016Keane’s Killorglin77Fr. Mathews66
16.01.2016Maree93BFG Neptune83
17.01.2016C&S Blue Demons67KUBS75
Round 12
23.01.2016IT Carlow Basketball76C&S Blue Demons81
23.01.2016Team Kilkenny100BFG Neptune80
23.01.2016Fr. Mathews76JM&L Titans65
23.01.2016Maree88Keane’s Killorglin79
Round 12B
29.01.2016Team Kilkenny84IT Carlow Basketball71
Round 13
06.02.2016Kestrels76Fr. Mathews71
06.02.2016BFG Neptune96IT Carlow Basketball84
06.02.2016JM&L Titans84Team Kilkenny78
06.02.2016Keane’s Killorglin84KUBS88
07.02.2016C&S Blue Demons92Maree97
Round 14
10.02.2016Keane’s Killorglin82C&S Blue Demons65
13.02.2016IT Carlow Basketball71Kestrels69
13.02.2016Team Kilkenny84KUBS69
13.02.2016Fr. Mathews65Maree78
13.02.2016Keane’s Killorglin100BFG Neptune90
Round 15
19.02.2016C&S Blue Demons64Fr. Mathews73
20.02.2016Keane’s Killorglin81JM&L Titans74
20.02.2016Maree93Team Kilkenny81
20.02.2016KUBS75BFG Neptune63
20.02.2016C&S Blue Demons88Kestrels78
21.02.2016IT Carlow Basketball83Fr. Mathews72
Round 16
27.02.2016Kestrels79JM&L Titans72
27.02.2016Team Kilkenny99Keane’s Killorglin88
27.02.2016Fr. Mathews68KUBS80
27.02.2016Maree78IT Carlow Basketball55
Round 17
.02.2016C&S Blue Demons95BFG Neptune91
.02.2016IT Carlow Basketball71Team Kilkenny89
.02.2016Keane’s Killorglin98Kestrels84
Round 18
05.03.2016Kestrels79BFG Neptune74
05.03.2016JM&L Titans60Maree83
05.03.2016Team Kilkenny78Fr. Mathews68
05.03.2016KUBS86IT Carlow Basketball56
05.03.2016C&S Blue Demons91Keane’s Killorglin97
Basketball Ireland National League Division 1 Regular Season Results 2015-16 [Ref: 2]


Maree, from Co. Galway, won the Basketball Ireland National League Men’s Division 1 League title with a 17-1 Wins-Losses Record, three wins ahead of second placed KUBS BC from Kilbarrack in North Dublin City and Killorglin in Co. Kerry. Team Kilkenny, were the fourth qualifier for the League Cup with a 10-8 Record.

KUBS shocked Maree in the League Cup Semi-Finals, winning 89-79, and then went on to beat Team Kilkenny 91-81 in the Final, after they South Leinster side had also provided a shock in the Semi-Finals, downing Killorglin 80-76.

KUBS were promoted to the Men’s Super League for 2016-17, along with Tralee Warriors directly from the Area Boards (Kerry). No team was relegated from the Premier League (renamed Super League for 2016-17) and Ulster University Elks, Sligo All-Stars, LYIT Donegal, Dublin Lions (Clondalkin) were promoted to Division 1 from the Area Boards for 2016-17.


The Basketball Ireland National League Men’s Division 1 was the second level of Men’s Basketball in Ireland in 2015-16, featuring 10 teams, playing a balanced 18-game home & away schedule.

This was two teams more than in 2014-15, with Eanna BC (Ballyroan, Dublin 14) and SSE Airtricity Moycullen having been promoted from Division 1 after the 2014-15 season, and Neptune having been relegated from the Premier League. Dublin Inter had dropped out of the League having played in the Premier League in 2014-15.

Tolka Rovers had dropped back down to the Area Boards from Division 1 for 2015-16 and they were replaced by four teams from the Area Boards: Kestels (Portlaoise – Midlands ABB), IT Carlow Basketball (Midlands ABB), KUBS (Kilbarrack – Dublin MBB), and Killorglin (Kerry ABB). See other seasons at: for more details and references)


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