Basketball Ireland National League Men’s Premier League 2014-15

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Final League Table

C&S UCC Demons1818017671337054
Travelodge Swords Thunder1813514121327039
Templeogue BC1811713991387134
UCD Marian189913271331431
Belfast Star1871113831393627
BFG Neptune1871114191482122
DCU Saints1861213801516220
UL Eagles1851312991433419
-Dublin Inter1831512611455312


3 Pts Win / 0 Pts Loss / 1 Bonus Point Loss by 10 Pts or less

* Qualify for Champions Trophy / – Relegated to Division 1

Champions Trophy Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
21.03.15SSE Airtricity Moycullen72Killester75
21.03.15Maree61Black Amber Templeogue84
 Semi-Finals  (NUIG Kingfisher) 
28.03.15C&S UCC Demons73Killester71
28.03.15Travelodge Swords Thunder73Black Amber Templeogue81
 Final  (NUIG Kingfisher) 
29.03.15C&S UCC Demons85Black Amber Templeogue73


Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
04.10.14Travelodge Swords Thunder80Templeogue BC43
04.10.14UCD Marian78Dublin Inter80
04.10.14DCU Saints51Killester76
04.10.14BFG Neptune80C&S UCC Demons100
05.10.14Belfast Star72UL Eagles77
 Week 2   
11.10.14Templeogue BC78DCU Saints95
12.10.14Dublin Inter76BFG Neptune88
12.10.14Killester73UCD Marian71
 Week 3   
18.10.14DCU Saints96UL Eagles62
18.10.14BFG Neptune75Killester86
18.10.14UCD Marian79Templeogue BC76
19.10.14Belfast Star72C&S UCC Demons88
 Week 4   
25.10.14Dublin Inter63UL Eagles66
25.10.14Belfast Star65UCD Marian67
25.10.14BFG Neptune92DCU Saints66
25.10.14Killester63C&S UCC Demons76
26.10.14Templeogue BC113BFG Neptune104
26.10.14Dublin Inter74Belfast Star68
26.10.14C&S UCC Demons93Travelodge Swords Thunder78
 Week 5   
01.11.14UCD Marian81BFG Neptune98
02.11.14DCU Saints73C&S UCC Demons101
02.11.14Belfast Star57Killester75
02.11.14BFG Neptune81UL Eagles80
02.11.14Travelodge Swords Thunder82Dublin Inter61
 Week 6   
08.11.14Dublin Inter90DCU Saints100
08.11.14UCD Marian84C&S UCC Demons104
08.11.14UL Eagles64Belfast Star69
09.11.14Templeogue BC75Belfast Star72
09.11.14Killester61Travelodge Swords Thunder72
 Week 7   
21.11.14Templeogue BC78Dublin Inter66
22.11.14Templeogue BC74C&S UCC Demons88
23.11.14DCU Saints63Belfast Star70
23.11.14UL Eagles63Killester72
23.11.14UCD Marian67Travelodge Swords Thunder69
 Week 8   
27.11.14Killester52Templeogue BC85
29.11.14Travelodge Swords Thunder86DCU Saints84
30.11.14Dublin Inter61Killester69
30.11.14Belfast Star101BFG Neptune89
30.11.14C&S UCC Demons94UL Eagles73
 Week 9   
14.12.14Templeogue BC65UL Eagles62
14.12..14Belfast Star85Travelodge Swords Thunder92
14.12.14BFG Neptune20UCD Marian0 #
14.12.14Dublin Inter62C&S UCC Demons87
 Week 10   
20.12.14Travelodge Swords Thunder83BFG Neptune68
20.12.14UCD Marian88DCU Saints54
20.12.14Killester83Dublin Inter74
21.12.14C&S UCC Demons101Templeogue BC81
21.12.14UL Eagles71UCD Marian78
 Week 11   
02.01.15C&S UCC Demons99BFG Neptune65
03.01.15BFG Neptune73Dublin Inter83
03.01.15DCU Saints72Templeogue BC92
04.01.15Travelodge Swords Thunder77UL Eagles61
04.01.15UCD Marian61Killester66
 Week 12   
17.01.15Templeogue BC78UCD Marian48
17.01.15UL Eagles87DCU Saints79
17.01.15Killester78BFG Neptune78
18.01.15C&S UCC Demons109Belfast Star80
 Week 13   
31.01.15UCD Marian82Belfast Star71
31.01.15Templeogue BC84Travelodge Swords Thunder90
31.01.15UL Eagles74Dublin Inter61
01.02.15C&S UCC Demons109Belfast Star80
01.02.15DCU Saints83BFG Neptune73
 Week 14   
07.02.15Travelodge Swords Thunder74C&S UCC Demons88
07.02.15UCD Marian92UL Eagles71
07.02.15BFG Neptune95Templeogue BC84
07.02.15Killester76DCU Saints77
08.02.15Belfast Star89Dublin Inter77
 Week 15   
12.02.15DCU Saints80UCD Marian89
14.02.15Dublin Inter64Travelodge Swords Thunder67
14.02.15UL Eagles84BFG Neptune88
14.02.15Killester83Belfast Star81
15.02.15C&S UCC Demons117DCU Saints78
15.02.15UL Eagles65Travelodge Swords Thunder78
 Week 16   
20.02.15Travelodge Swords Thunder62Killester74
21.02.15DCU Saints91Dublin Inter71
22.02.15BFG Neptune80Travelodge Swords Thunder97
22.02.15Belfast Star65Templeogue BC67
22.02.15C&S UCC Demons112UCD Marian81
 Week 17   
28.02.15Dublin Inter57Templeogue BC61
28.02.15Travelodge Swords Thunder87UCD Marian96
28.02.15Killester69UL Eagles77
01.03.15Belfast Star96DCU Saints67
 Week 18   
07.03.15Belfast Star96DCU Saints67
07.03.15BFG Neptune78Belfast Star88
07.03.15Templeogue BC92Killester80
07.03.15UL Eagles81C&S UCC Demons106
08.03.15Dublin Inter76UCD Marian85
 Week 19   
14.03.15Travelodge Swords Thunder66Belfast Star82
14.03.15UL Eagles81Templeogue BC93
15.03.15C&S UCC Demons116Dublin Inter65


Home Venues

TeamHome Court
Belfast StarMethodist College, Belfast
DCU SaintsDCU Sports Complex, Dublin City
Dublin InterNational Basketball Arena, Tallaght, D24, Co. South Dublin
KillesterIrish Wheelchair Association, Clontarf, Dublin City
Travelodge Swords ThunderALSAA, Dublin
Templeogue BCOblate Hall, Inchicore
C&S UCC DemonsMardyke Arena, Cork City
UCD MarianUCD Sports Centre, Dublin
UL EaglesUL Sports Arena, Limerick





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