Basketball Ireland National League Men’s Super League 2019-20

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Final Standings

Belfast Star211651777160548
Garveys Tralee Warriors 211561635140145
DBS Eanna211471659154142
UCD Marian 211471625154042
Griffith College Templeogue211381800165039
DCU Saints 2110111632167630
Pyrobel Killester2110111635167630
Keanes Supervalu Killorglin2110111600171630
Coughlan CandS Neptune 219121801184227
Maree 217141583170821
Abbey Seals Dublin Lions21120146917583
Basketball Ireland National League – Men’s Super League Table 2019-20 [Reference: 2]

Results & Fixtures

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
21.09.2019Abbey Seals Dublin Lions54DBS Eanna76
21.09.2019Belfast Star94Griffith College Templeogue92
21.09.2019Coughlan CandS Neptune88Keanes Supervalu Killorglin71
21.09.2019DCU Saints73Pyrobel Killester85
21.09.2019Garveys Tralee Warriors72UCD Marian73
Week 2
28.09.2019DBS Eanna74Keanes Supervalu Killorglin61
28.09.2019DCU Saints87Abbey Seals Dublin Lions81
28.09.2019Garveys Tralee Warriors93Belfast Star86
28.09.2019Maree80Coughlan CandS Neptune89
28.09.2019Pyrobel Killester57Moycullen59
Week 3
05.10.2019Coughlan CandS Neptune79UCD Marian75
05.10.2019DBS Eanna87Garveys Tralee Warriors70
05.10.2019Pyrobel Killester81Belfast Star73
05.10.2019Keanes Supervalu Killorglin87Maree84
05.10.2019Moycullen64DCU Saints87
05.10.2019Griffith College Templeogue96Abbey Seals Dublin Lions82
Week 4
10.10.2019UCD MarianGriffith College Templeogue
12.10.2019Belfast Star77Maree61
12.10.2019Coughlan CandS Neptune100Abbey Seals Dublin Lions84
12.10.2019Pyrobel Killester74DBS Eanna94
12.10.2019UCD Marian79Moycullen73
12.10.2019Griffith College Templeogue108Keanes Supervalu Killorglin79
12.10.2019DCU Saints60Garveys Tralee Warriors104
Week 5
19.10.2019Abbey Seals Dublin Lions67Pyrobel Killester70
19.10.2019Belfast Star76Moycullen68
19.10.2019DCU Saints85Keanes SuperValu Killorglin70
19.10.2019Garveys Tralee Warriors77Griffith College Templeogue68
19.10.2019Maree77UCD Marian89
Week 6
27.10.2019Keanes SuperValu Killorglin81Belfast Star79
27.10.2019Pyrobel Killester63Garveys Tralee Warriors91
27.10.2019UCD Marian75DCU Saints73
28.10.2019DBS Eanna81Maree75
28.10.2019Griffith College Templeogue91CandS Neptune79
28.10.2019Moycullen89Abbey Seals Dublin Lions83
Week 7
02.11.2019Abbey Seals Dublin Lions76Keanes SuperValu Killorglin93
02.11.2019Belfast Star85UCD Marian78
02.11.2019Coughlan CandS Neptune70Pyrobel Killester82
02.11.2019DCU Saints70DBS Eanna55
02.11.2019Garveys Tralee Warriors89Moycullen63
02.11.2019Maree83Griffith College Templeogue71
Week 8
09.11.2019DBS Eanna71Belfast Star84
09.11.2019Griffith College Templeogue85DCU Saints76
09.11.2019Pyrobel Killester87Maree70
09.11.2019UCD Marian82Abbey Seals Dublin Lions75
09.11.2019Keanes SuperValu Killorglin79Garveys Tralee Warriors74
09.11.2019Moycullen68Coughlan CandS Neptune71
Week 9
16.11.2019Belfast Star91Abbey Seals Dublin Lions71
16.11.2019UCD Marian82DBS Eanna92
16.11.2019Keanes SuperValu Killorglin88Pyrobel Killester79
16.11.2019DCU Saints74Coughlan CandS Neptune80
16.11.2019Maree67Garveys Tralee Warriors87
16.11.2019Moycullen75Griffith College Templeogue70
Week 10
23.11.2019Coughlan CandS Neptune89Belfast Star84
23.11.2019DBS Eanna79Moycullen61
23.11.2019Pyrobel Killester64Griffith College Templeogue87
23.11.2019UCD Marian86Keanes SuperValu Killorglin79
23.11.2019Abbey Seals Dublin Lions70Garveys Tralee Warriors76
23.11.2019DCU Saints72Maree73
Week 11
05.12.2019Griffith College Templeogue85UCD Marian68
07.12.2019Belfast Star85DCU Saints69
07.12.2019Keanes SuperValu Killorglin87Moycullen84
07.12.2019Garveys Tralee Warriors98Couhlan CandS Neptune76
07.12.2019Maree87Abbey Seals Dublin Lions84
07.12.2019Griffith College Templeogue101DBS Eanna87
08.12.2019UCD Marian97Pyrobel Killester83
Week 12
14.12.2019DBS Eanna92Abbey Seals Dublin Lions76
14.12.2019Griffith College Templeogue79Belfast Star90
14,12.2019UCD Marian76Garveys Tralee Warriors86
14.12.2019Keanes SuperValu Killorglin101Coughland CandS Neptune100
14.12.2019Pyrobel Killester89DCU Saints95
Week 13
21.12.2019Belfast Star84Garveys Tralee Warriors81
21.12.2019UCD Marian96Griffith College Templeogue84
21.12.2019Keanes SuperValu Killorglin71DBS Eanna90
Week 14
28.12.2019Coughlan CandS Neptune92Maree99
28.12.2019Abbey Seals Dublin Lions70DCU Saints78
28.12.2019Moycullen69Pyrobel Killester60
Week 15
04.01.2020Abbey Seal Dublin Lions 59Griffith College Templeogue76
04.01.2020Belfast Star90Pyrobel Killester83
04.01.2020DCU Saints78Moycullen91
04.01.2020UCD Marian79Coughlan CandS Neptune76
04.01.2020Garveys Tralee Warriors0 #DBS Eanna20
04.01.2020Maree73Keanes SuperValu Killorglin78
Week 16
18.01.2020Abbey Seals Dublin Lions82Coughlan CandS Neptune96
18.01.2020DBS Eanna73Pyrobel Killester86
18.01.2020Keanes SuperValu Killorglin54Griffith College Templeogue67
18.01.2020Garveys Tralee Warriors103DCU Saints78
18.01.2020Maree59Belfast Star76
18.01.2020Moycullen66UCD Marian71
Week 17
01.02.2020Coughlan CandS Neptune112DBS Eanna107
01.02.2020Griffith College Templeogue81Garveys Tralee Warriors82
01.02.2020Pyrobel Killester72Abbety Seals Dublin Lions60
01.02.2020UCD Marian78Maree56
01.02.2020Keanes SuperValu Killorglin79DCU Saints77
01.02.2020Moycullen96Belfast Star89
Week 18
08.02.2020Abbey Seals Dublin Lions63Moycullen48
08.02.2020Maree76DBS Eanna64
08.02.2020Belfast Star77Keanes SuperValu Killorglin69
08.02.2020Coughlan CandS Neptune79Griffith College Templeogue95
08.02.2020DCU Saints83UCD Marian72
08.02.2020Garveys Tralee Warriors82Pyrobel Killester64
Week 19
15.02.2020DBS Eanna88DCU Saints62
15.02.2020Pyrobel Killester102Coughlan CandS Neptune98
15.02.2020UCD Marian87Belfast Star95
15.02.2020Keanes SuperValu Killorglin76Abbey Seals Dublin Lions64
15.02.2020Moycullen61Garveys Tralee Warriors79
15.02.2020Griffith College Templeogue97Maree68
Week 20
22.02.2020Abbey Seals Dublin Lions53UCD Marian75
22.02.2020Belfast Star81DBS Eanna59
22.02.2020Coughlan CandS Neptune85Moycullen107
22.02.2020DCU Saints89Griffith College Templeogue79
22.02.2020Garveys Tralee Warriors81Keanes SuperValu Killorglin63
22.02.2020Maree81Pyrobel Killester84
Week 21
29.02.2020Abbey Seals Dublin Lions61Belfast Star102
29.02.2020Coughlan CandS Neptune77DCU Saints86
29.02.2020DBS Eanna90UCD Marian76
29.02.2020Griffith College Templeogue90Moycullen80
29.02.2020Pyrobel Killester83Keanes SuperValu Killorglin70
29.02.2020Garveys Tralee Warriors100Maree84
Week 22
07.03.2020Maree73DCU Saints78
07.03.2020Belfast Star79Coughlan CandS Neptune77
07.03.2020Griffith College Templeogue98Pyrobel Killester89
07.03.2020Keanes SuperValu 64UCD Marian87
07.03.2020Garveys Tralee Warriors96Abbey Seals Dublin Lions54
07.03.2020Moycullen81DBS Eanna82
Week 23
14.03.2020DBS EannaGriffith College Templeogue
14.03.2020Abbey Seals Dublin LionsMaree
14.03.2020Coughlan CandS NeptuneGarveys Tralee Warriors
14.03.2020DCU SaintsBelfast Star
14.03.2020Pyrobel KillesterUCD Marian
14.03.2020MoycullenKeanes SuperValu Killorglin
Basketball Ireland National League – Men’s Super League Results 2019-20 [Reference: 2]


The 2019-20 Basketball Ireland Men’s Super League was cancelled after 21 weeks due the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, and Belfast Star declared winners with just one week of matches left due to second placed Garveys Tralee Warriors having forfeited a match during the season due to an unintentional rule violation.

Home Venues

TeamHome Court
Abbey Seals Dublin LionsColaiste Bride
Belfast StarDe La Salle
Coughlan CandS NeptuneNeptune Stadium, Cork
DBS EannaColaiste Eanna, Ballyroan, Dublin 14
DCU SaintsDCU Complex
Garveys Tralee WarriorsTralee Sports Complex, Co. Kerry
Griffith College TempleogueNord Anglia International School
Keanes Supervalu KillorglinKillorglin Sports Centre, Co. Kerry
MareeCalasanctius College, Oranmore, Co. Galway
MoycullenKingfisher, NUI Galway
Pyrobel KillesterIrish Wheelchair Association, Clontarf, Dublin
Basketball Ireland National League – Men’s Super League Home Venues 2019-20 [Reference: 2]

Reference: [2]



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[1] Basketball Ireland (2019) Basketball Ireland Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 13 August 2019]


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