Belfast Blitzers v East Side Jets 26 April 1987

Belfast Blitzers American Football Ireland Team Roster & Match Reports 1987

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Belfast Blitzers tore through the Irish American Football League in 1987, scoring 333 points to 0 in their first six games including a 92-0 victory over the East Side Jets on opening day. In their seventh game the Belfast Tennents Giants finally put some points on the board against the Blitzers with a fourth quarter Field Goal, but the Blitzers still ran out 38-3 winners.

They lost their next game to deadly rivals the Dublin Celts 14-26, but wrapped up the Mourne Conference title with two wins against Dublin Tornadoes and Carrickfergus Cougars. A shock loss to the Craigavon Cowboys meant yet again they were not in the Shamrock Bowl despite being one of the two best teams all season.

Final Standings 1987

Tara Conference
*Dublin Celts1010001.000
*Craigavon Cowboys10820.800
*Belfast Giants10730.667
Belfast Spartans10460.450
Bangor Buccaneers10370.300
Jordanstown Jaguars100100.000
Mourne Conference
*Belfast Blitzers10910.900
Carrickfergus Cougars10550.500
Dublin Tornadoes10550.500
Coleraine Chieftains10280.200
East Side Jets10280.200
Irish American Football League Final Standings 1987 [Reference: 4]

Home Ground

1987 Results

127.04.1987AEast Side JetsW92-0
310.05.1987AJordanstown JaguarsW28-0
524.05.1987HColeraine ChieftansW52-0
631.05.1987HBangor BuccaneersW76-0
921.06.1987HBelfast SpartansW53-0
1028.06.1987ACraigavon CowboysW22-0
1502.08.1987HBelfast GiantsW38-3
1616.08.1987ADublin CeltsL14-26
1722.08.1987HDublin TornadoesW?-?
1725.08.1987ACarrickfergus CougarsW36-6
SF12.09.1987HCraigavon CowboysL20-28
Belfast Blitzers American Football Ireland Team Results 1987 [Reference: 4]
Belfast Blitzers Wide Receiver Patsy Lundy breaks free against the East Side Jets on 27 April 1987 [Reference: 6][Photo Credit: Gary Moore / Belfast Blitzers]

Team Roster 1987

13Alan McCandlessQuarterback
21Nigel Somers
26Hayden DavisRunning Back / Quarterback
37Conor McCornishRunning Back
39Mark HarrisCornerback
40 / 25Robin BoydCornerback
42SafetyDale Eliot
45Davy TurnerCornerback
52Desi WilsonGuard
54Stewart McDowellGuard
57Alan YoungLinebacker
58Martin PressDefensive Tackle
59Billy GrahamLinebacker / Defensive End
66Lee DonaldsonCenter
69Gary MooreDefensive Tackle
71Davy WrightDefensive Tackle / Offensive Tackle
77John McHugh
81Ivan SmithWing Back / Corner Back
82Gary LintonCornerback / Tight End
83Ansy CheeversWide Receiver
87Steve ThompsonCornerback / Running Back
89Patsy LundyWide Receiver
92Eric HanveyDefensive Tackle / Offensive Tackle
95Jim DelargyOffensive End
99Eric GrantLinebacker
Simon McIntyreLinebacker
George NeillWide Receiver
Don WhittleTight End
Nial JohnstonCornerback
Colin PedlowOffensive Tackle
Raymond DeansOffensive Guard
Hayden Davis
Belfast Blitzers Team Roster 1987 [Reference: Compiled from 5-6]



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