Britain GAA All-Britain Junior Football Club Championship Men 2017

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2017Sean McDermotts (Warwickshire)WOisin’s (Lancashire)L
2017Thomas McCurtains (London)1-12 (15)Sean McDermott’s (Warwickshire)2-11 (14)
2017Dunedin Connollys (Scotland)1-14 (17)St. Colmcille’s (Hertfordshire)0-4
2017Dunedin Connollys (Scotland)1-17 (20)Sean McDermott’s (Warwickshire)1-12 (15)
Britain GAA All-Britain Junior Football Club Championship Men 2017 [References: 2-3]


Dunedin Connollys of Scotland won the Britain GAA Junior Club Football Championship after triumphing over Sean McDermotts of Warwickshire in the Final by 5 points (1-17 to 1-12). they had seen off the challenge of St. Colmcille’s of St. Alban’s in Hertfordshire in the Semi-Finals.

The All-Britain Junior Football Championship is for the Junior (3rd Level or 3rd Division) in Britain Men’s Gaelic Football. Seven counties are eligible to compete: London, Warwickshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire and Lancashire, which between them make up all of England and Wales, as well as the Scotland GAA Champions. Kilkenny’s Gaelic Football Champions may also enter.

The Winners of the All-Britain GAA Championship are eligible to play in the All-Ireland Junior Club Championship alongside the Junior Provincial Champions of Connacht, Leinster, Munster and Ulster.

The Five Mayo Men on the Dunedin Connollys team which won the Britain GAA JFC Championship in 2017 [Reference: 4]



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