British American Football Association Britbowl Finals 1985-Present

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Britbowl Finals 1985-Present

1985Summerbowl ILondon Ravens45Streatham Olympians7
1986*Summerbowl IIBirmingham Bulls23Glasgow Lions2
Budweiser League
1986*Bud Bowl ILondon Ravens20London Olympians12
1987Bud Bowl IILondon Ravens40Manchester Allstars23
1988Bud Bowl IIIBirmingham Bulls30London Olympians6
1989Bud Bowl IVManchester Spartans21Birmingham Bulls14
1990NDMA Coke Bowl IManchester Spartans27Northants Storm25
1991NDMA Coke Bowl IIBirmingham Bulls39London Olympians38
1992NDMA Coke Bowl IIILondon Olympians34Leicester Panthers6
1993NDMA BowlLondon Olympians40Glasgow Lions14
1994BAFA Div 1 BowlLondon Olympians24Birmingham Bulls23
1995BAFA Div 1 BowlBirmingham Bulls34London Olympians30
1996BAFA Div 1 BowlLeicester Panthers10Milton Keynes Pioneers6
1997BIG C FinalLondon O’s26Milton Keynes Pioneers20 ot
1998BSL Div 1 BowlLondon O’s20Sussex Thunder0
1999BSL Div 1 BowlLondon O’s9Birmingham Bulls6
2000BSL Div 1 BowlLondon O’s34Birmingham Bulls26
2001BSL Div 1 BowlLondon O’s37East Kilbride Pirates20
2002BSL Div 1 BowlLondon O’s42PA Knights15
2003BSL Div 1 BowlLondon O’s35East Kilbride Pirates7
2004BSL Div 1 BowlPA Knights28London O’s14
2005Britbowl XIXLondon O’s21PA Knights19
2006Britbowl XXLondon Olympians45London Blitz30
2007Britbowl XXILondon Blitz14Coventry Jets6
2008Britbowl XXIICoventry Jets33London Blitz32
2009Britbowl XXIIILondon Blitz26Coventry Jets7
2010BAFACL PremiershipLondon Blitz34Coventry Jets20
2011BAFACL PremiershipLondon Blitz18London Warriors0
2012BAFANL PremiershipLondon Blitz37London warriors21
2013BAFANL PremiershipLondon Warriors26London Blitz23
2014BAFANL FinalLondon Warriors10London Blitz8
2015BAFANL FinalLondon Warriors20London Blitz19
2019BAFANL PremiershipLondon Warriors56Tamworth Phoneix29
British American Football Britbowls 1985-Present [Ref: 2-3]

Note: BAFL = British American Football League, NDMA = National Division Management Association, BAFA = British American Football Association, BSL = British senior League, BIGC = British Independent Gridiron Conference. *Two Organisation held different BLeagues and Bowl Games in 1986, with the most important one disputed.


London teams have won most of British American Football’s Top Bowl Games, known as the Britbowl. London Ravens won the first three from 1985 to 1987, with the Birmingham Bulls also winning a rival Bowl Game in 1986. Between 1988 and 1991 the Champions were all North or Midlands teams, with Manchester Spartans winning in 1989 and 1990 and Birmingham Bulls winning in 1988 and 1991.

London Olympians then won three-in-a-row from 1992 to 1994, before the title headed back to the Midlands, with Birmingham Bulls triumphing in 1995 and Leicester Panthers in 1996. Then followed a seven year winning streak for the London O’s until 2003, with the PA Knights ((Farnham, Surrey) interrupting the sequence in 2004, before London O’s won again in 2005 and 2006 (they reverted back to the Olympians name in 2006).

London Blitz then won five of the next six Finals from 2007 to 2012, with Coventry Jets winning in between in 2008. London Warriors won the title from 2013 to 2019.



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