British American Football Non-Merit Table 1984

Final Standings

Ranked Teams
Brighton B-52s55001.000
Oxford Bulldogs33001.000
Thames Valley Chargers33001.000
Walsall Titans33001.000
Ealing Eagles7511.786
Windsor Monarchs5221.500
Tyneside Trojans3111.500
Birmingham Bulls7430.571
Harlow Warlords4121.375
Leeds Cougars6240.333
Streatham Olympians3120.333
Glasgow Lions5131.300
Crawley Raiders5140.200
Croydon Coyotes8071.063
Fylde Falcons3030.000
Southampton Seahawks3030.000
Walthamstow Warriors3030.000
Stock Exchange Stags4040.000
Heathrow Jets6060.000
Unranked Teams
Dorset Broncos22001.000
Nottingham Hoods11001.000
Portsmouth Warriors2110.500
Staffordshire Stampeders2110.500
King’s Lynn Patriots1010.000
Taunton Wyverns1010.000
Torbay Trojans1010.000
Ilford blackhawks2020.000
Leamington Royals2020.000
London Raiders2020.000
Wyton Eagles2020.000
British American Football Season Table 1984 [Ref: 1-2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
29.04.1984Pool Sharks6Manchester Spartans12
Week 2
06.05.1984Wyton Eagles6Northampton Stormbringers13
06.05.1984Manchester Spartans26Poole Sharks6
Week 3
13.05.1984Milton Keynes Bucks32Poole Sharks22
13.05.1984Manchester Spartans0London Ravens28
Week 4
20.05.1984Manchester Spartans8Northampton Stormbringers20
Week 6
03.06.1984Northampton Stormbringers36Poole Sharks0
03.06.1984London Ravens27Wyton Eagles0
Week 7
08.06.1984Birmingham Bulls7Milton Keynes Bucks41
10.06.1984Poole Sharks0London Ravens71
Week 8
17.06.1984Milton Keynes Bucks18Northampton Stormbringers20
Week 9
24.06.1984Norhampton Stormbringers4Milton Keynes Bucks6
24.06.1984London Ravens59Manchester Spartans0
Week 10
01.07.1984Milton Keynes Bucks30Poole Sharks0
01.07.1984Walthamstow Warriors0London Ravens86
British American Football Results 1984 [Ref: 2]


There was no official league in British American Football in 1984, with teams arranging their own schedules. Some played one or two games and disappeared as quickly as they were formed, while others played a whole season.

At the end of the season two separate rankings were created: a Merit Table for teams playing three or more games, and another table for unranked teams (playing two or less games). London Ravens (10-0), Brighton B-52s (5-0), and Oxford Bulldogs, Thames Valley Chargers and Walsall Titans (all 3-0) all finished the season with a 100% record.

As well as the London Ravens, Northampton Stormbringers (9-2), Milton Keynes Bucks (10-2-1), Manchester Spartans (4-7), Poole Sharks (1-8) and Croydon Coyotes (0-7-1) played a full British Schedule (8 or more games).



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