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British and Atlantic Football

British and Atlantic Football

American Football started in Britain in 1983 after TV Station Channel 4 started showing the NFL. Soon afterwards other Atlantic Nations such as Ireland, Brittany and Galicia started playing aswell. This is a Statistical History of British and Atlantic Football Leagues with a particular focus on Irish Connections.

British Gridiron Football Leagues

American Football in Britain was first played in 1984 and at its’ height in the late-1980s had more than 200 affiliated adult teams.

While it suffered a slow retreat in the late 1990s it began to grow again the 2000s, helped in no small part by the NFL (National Football League) playing a series of Regular Season matches there every year.

There are now Adult Mens and Women’s Leagues or Youth, Junior, Cadet and Pee Wee Leagues in either full contact pads and helmets Football or non-contact Flag Football in 11on11, 9on9, 7on7, 6on6 or 5on5 variations.

English National and Regional Leagues

From 1988 to 1994 the National Passball League in England played an independent schedule with teams such as the Cannock Chase Giants, a possible reference to the Celtic Archaeology of Staffordshire.

British Flag Football

Celtic National Leagues

There have been Independent Leagues in the Celtic Countries (Regions) of Western Europe since the Thistle American Football League and North West and Welsh Counties American Football League in 1987.

Scottish Gridiron Association

From 1995 to 1998 the Scottish Gridiron Association broke away from the British American Football Association before remerging in 1999.

North Wales and West Chesire American Football League

In 1987 there was an Independent American Football League comprising teams in North Wales and the North West of England

Conf’Ouest (Brittany)

From 1997 to 2005 Conference Ouest in Brittany formed an Independent Association in North West France before again merging with the Federation Francais de Football Americain.

Association Gallega de Football Americano (Galicia)

From 2012 to 2016 it was Galicia, in North West Iberia’s turn to be an Independent Association, before merging again with the Federation Espanola de Football Americano.