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British Collegiate American Football League 1990-1994

British Collegiate American Football League Logo [Ref: 1]

BCAFL 1990-91

Northern Conference
*Teesside Demons870110240.938
*Strathclyde Hawks86029926.875
*Leeds Celtics8521104101.688
Hull Sharks83236460.563
Glasgow Tigers83329153.500
Paisley Panthers834114130.438
Sheffield Zulus82512267.312
Stirling Clansmen81617081.188
Newcastle Senators808008.000
Southern Conference
*UEA East Anglia Pirates871018132.875
*Warwick Wolves851211718.750
*Leicester Lemmings852117665.688
Birmingham Lions842210172.625
Cardiff Cobras842210866.625
Southampton Stags843111854.563
Loughborough Aces843117768.563
Cambridge Pythons816115298.188
Reading Knights81703296.125
Aston Rhinos808026282.000
BCAFL Final Standings 1990-91 [Ref: 2]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Playoffs Round 1
1991Strathclyde Hawks13Leeds Celtics15
1991Warwick Wolves6Leicester Lemmings30
Playoffs Round 2
1991UEA East Anglia Pirates26Leeds Celtics6
1991Teesside Demons43Leicester Lemmings6
College Bowl V
1991UEA East Anglia Pirates0Teesside Demons19
BCAFL Playoffs 1990-91 [Ref: 3]

BCAFL 1991-92

Northern Conference
*Leeds Celtics85128947.750
*Teesside Demons86208541.750
*Strathclyde Hawks862014956.750
Sheffield Zulus ^85308842.625
*Glasgow Tigers85307871.625
Hull Sharks83413876.438
Paisley Panthers82603194.250
Stirling Clansmen816118103.188
Lancaster Bombers817031129.125
Southern Conference
*Southampton Stags8800208121.000
*Leicester Lemmings871013253.875
*Loughborough Aces8620174111.750
*Oxford Cavaliers862010189.750
Cambridge Pythons8440120156.500
UEA East Anglia Pirates835069112.375
Cardiff Cobras835055106.375
Birmingham Lions724141109.357
Aston Rhinos725063132.286
Warwick Wolves81613288.188
Reading Knights80803865.000
BCAFL Final Standings 1991-92 [Ref: 4; 10]

Note: ^ Sheffield Zulus declined to take part in Playoffs.

DateHome TeamAway Team
Northern Semi-Finals
23.02.1992Leeds Celtics8Glasgow Lions14
23.02.1992Teesside Demons13Strathclyde Hawks0
Southern Semi-Finals
23.02.1992Southampton Stags27Oxford Canaliers0
23.02.1992Leicester Lemmings8Loughborough Aces17
Northern Final
01.03.1992Teesside Demons0Glasgow Tigers8
Southern Final
01.03.1992Southampton Stags32Loughborough Aces0
College Bowl VI
08.03.1992Southampton Stags53Glasgow Tigers0
BCAFL Playoffs 1991-92 [Ref: 5; 11-13]

BCAFL 1992-93

Northern Conference
*Glasgow Tigers8800172281.000
*Leeds Celtics870116746.938
*Sheffield Zulus852110863.688
*Strathclyde Hawks85304764.625
Paisley Panthers833211896.500
Lancaster Bombers83414285.438
Teesside Demons83508190.375
Hull Sharks83504565.375
Sunderland Wearwolves82514393.313
Stirling Clansmen816133131.188
Newcastle Senators80711585.063
Southern Conference
*Southampton Stags87013771.938
*Cambridge Pythons871020150.875
*Cardiff Cobras861112675.813
*Loughborough Aces862014354.750
Leicester Lemmings862016474.750
Tarannau Aberystwyth853011554.563
UEA East Anglia Pirates843112388.563
Bath Killer Bees83416296.438
Staffordshire Stallions835023126.375
Aston Rhinos825130131.313
Reading Knights825139233.313
Oxford Cavaliers826040132.250
Birmingham Lions8152527.250
Bristol Bullets817030256.125
Warwick Wolves806222124.125
BCAFL Final Standings 1992-93 [Ref: 6; 14-15]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Northern Semi-Finals
21.02.1993Leeds Celtics42Sheffield Zulus12
21.02.1993Glasgow Tigers22Strathclyde Hawks0
Southern Semi-Finals
28.02.1993Southampton Stags32Loughborough Aces7
28.02.1993Cambridge Pythons8Cardiff Cobras6
Northern Final
28.02.1993Glasgow Tigers14Leeds Celtics36
Southern Final
1993Southampton Stags14Cambridge Pythons8
College Bowl VII
1993Leeds Celtics0Southampton Stags19
BCAFL Playoffs 1992-93 [Ref: 7; 14-16]

BCAFL 1993-94

Northern Conference
*Glasgow Tigers870123249.938
*Leeds Celtics860210724.875
*Paisley Panthers86207365.750
*Sheffield Zulus842212974.750
Teesside Demons833210061.500
Hull Sharks83417573.438
Lancaster Bombers82337269.438
Newcastle Mariners824272133.375
Strathclyde Hawks82515881.313
Stirling Clansmen805333126.188
Sunderland Wearwolves807114219.063
Southern Conference
*Cardiff Cobras8800156401.000
*Loughborough Aces871015540.875
*Staffordshire Stallions861117332.813
*Leicester Lemmings861110659.813
Cambridge Pythons86209869.750
Oxford Cavaliers853013169.625
Bristol Bullets843112096.563
Southampton Stags83417488.438
Bath Killer Bees835075106.375
Warwick Wolves835038124.375
Aston Rhinos826054115.250
Birmingham Lions826093143.250
UEA East Anglia Pirates817036142.125
Tarranau Aberystwyth8170787.125
Reading Knights81701107.125
BCAFL Final Standings 1993-94 [Ref: 8]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Northern Semi-Finals
1994Glasgow Tigers0Sheffield Zulus0 #
1994Leeds Celtics0Paisley Panthers0 #
Southern Semi-Finals
1994Leicester Lemmings16Cardiff Cobras8
1994Loughborough Aces7Staffordshire Stallions0
Northern Final
1994Glasgow Tigers20Leeds Celtics6
Southern Final
1994Loughborough Aces12Leicester Lemmings34
College Bowl IX
1994Leictester Lemmings0Glasgow Tigers26
BCAFL Playoffs 1993-94 [Ref: 9]


The British Collegiate American Football League underwent rapid expansion between 1990 and 1994, with the 16 teams becoming 26, and the old 3 Conference / 4 Division system scrapped in favour of two Conferences: Northern and Southern, with the Confererence Champions meeting in the College Bowl.

In 1991-92 the only changes in the Northern Conference were the addition of the Leeds Celtics and Newcastle changing their name to Mariners. In the Southern Conference, two new colleges were added: ASton Rhinos and Cambridge Pythons. Strathclyde, Leeds, Warwick and Leicester were the defeated playoff contenders, while the two Conference Champions met in College Bowl V with Teesside Demons defeating East Anglia Pirates 19-0.

The Newcastle Mariners were replaced by the Lancaster Bombers in the North for 1991-92, with the South adding Oxford Cavaliers, making a Varsity Football Match between the two Colleges possible for the first time, as in Rugby Union, Soccer and other sports. Conference Champions were Teesside Demons and Southampton Stags, with Glasgow shocking Leeds in the Northern Conference Final, and Southampton Stags, easily the best team all year disposing of Loughborough Aces in the Southern Final. The College Bowl VI was a 53-0 win for the Stags as they destroyed the Tigers with Running Backs Eustice Fontaine and Alan Rodney doing most of the damage scoring-wise and their defense shutting out yet another team (they let in only 12 points all year, scoring 320 in the process). Coach Andy Capp claimed after the game, with some justification, that they had raised the level of College Football in Britain in 1991-92.

After an exuberant display in College Bowl VI, the Stags set about defending their title against the biggest field yet: 26 teams in total entered the British Collegiate American Football League in 1992-93, with newcomers Sheffield Zulus, Newcastle Mariners (back after one season out) and Sunderland Wearwolves in the North, and Tarrannau Aberystwyth (Welsh for Thunder), Bath Killer Bees, Staffordshire Stallions, Birmingham Lions and Bristol Bullets in the South. The Stags were in even more dominant form during the Regular Season, amassing 377 points and letting in none on the field (just one 1-1 declared tie blemishing their record) as they won the Southern Conference title with ease. Glasgow Tigers won the Northern Conference title, although not in as much dominant form, but lost the Northern Conference Final to Leeds Celtics in a shock results. The Southampton Stags had their most difficult day of the year in the Southern Conference Final, conceding their first points of the year as they defeated Cambridge Pythons 14-8 and then disposed of Leeds Celtics 19-0 in the Final, with Free Safety Anthony Thompson earning the MVP Award, intercepting four Leeds Celtics passes in College Bowl VIII.

There were no new teams in 1993-94 and with much of their squads graduated, Southampton Stags failed to make the Playoffs. The Conference titles went to Cardiff Cobras and Glasgow Tigers, and after some near misses the Glasgow Tigers made no mistake in College Bowl IX, triumphing 26-0 over surprise package Leicester Lemmings who had knocked out Cardiff Cobras in the first round of the Playoffs.

For 1994-95 another round of expansion saw the league increase to 29 teams, meaning a restructure was needed, and the two conferences were split into three divisions of five each (with the exception of one division of four)

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