British Sports have been played in Ireland for hundreds of years – Soccer & Rugby Union are the most prominent – both are considered among Ireland’s four major team sports, along with Gaelic Football and Hurling.

Other popular British Sports include Racquet Sports, Golf, Snooker & Pool and Bowling-Curling

Below you will find links to Results and Tables in each of the sports:

British Major Sports:


Rugby Union



Racquet Sports

are also quite popular in Ireland with Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis, Racketlon, Real Tennis, Racquetball, and Padel played to various degrees. There are both graded individual & doubles tournaments, and Club Leagues in each discipline.




Real Tennis

Ball & Target Sports

Golf: Golf is very popular in Ireland, with courses all over the island, and a number of Professionals in the US and European PGA Tours. There is also weekend tournaments throughout Ireland, with a number of Associations governing the sport at local level.

Snooker & Pool Snooker, Pool & Bagatelle are some of the Table Sports where another ball is the target.

Bowling: Bowling is played throughout Ireland, with Tenpin, Lawn, Road, Petanque, Skittles, Indoor and Boccia the versions played. It is thought to be either an ancient sport or one introduced by William of Orange, depending on the argument you believe. Like the Racquet Sports there are individual and doubles tournaments and Club Leagues. Curling: Curling was first played in Scotland, and is like Bowling on Ice. There is a small association in Ireland, with clubs mostly in Ulster.

Croquet, while started in Ireland, is a sport of the Anglo-Irish Gentry, There is a small association running tournaments on an All-Ireland basis.