British Youth American Football Association Kitted League 1991

BYAFA Logo (2003) [Ref: 12]


North West Division
*Glasgow Lions11001.000
*Blackpool Falcons0000.000
Chester Romans1010.000
Pennine Division
*Steel City Giants22001.000
Lincoln Siants1010.000
North East Division
*Leeds Cougars2110.500
*Gateshead Senators3120.333
Lincoln Saints ?0000.000
*Northants Storm33001.000
*Birmingham Bulls2110.500
Burton Braves1010.000
Leicester Panthers3030.000
East Anglia Division
*Ipswich Cardinals33001.000
*Colchester Gladiators2110.500
Norwich Demons2110.500
Chelmsford Braves3030.000
South East Division
*London Capitals11001.000
*Folkestone Vikings3210.667
Luton Area Huskers2020.000
South Coast Division
*Farnham Knights22001.000
*Kent Pumas3201.833
Brighton B-52s3210.667
South West Division
*Bristol Aztecs22001.000
*Bournemouth Renegades3210.667
Solent Warriors2020.000
BYAFA Kitted League standings 1991 [Ref: Compiled from Results in 1-6]


DateHome TeamAway Team
South Quarter-Finals
26.10.1991London Capitals23Ipswich Cardinals0
26.10.1991Bristol Aztecs26Kent Pumas30
26.10.1991Colchester Gladiators46Folkestone Vikings16
26.10.1991Farnham Knights25Bournemouth Renegades24
North Quarter-Finals
26.10.1991Northants Storm70Gateshead Senators6
26.10.1991Blackpool Falcons50Nottingham20
26.10.1991Leeds Cougars26Glasgow Lions12
26.10.1991Steel City Giants34Birmingham Bulls20
South Semi-Finals
02.11.1991London Capitals22Kent Pumas0
02.11.1991Colchester Gladiators22Farnham Knights39
North Semi-Finals
02.11.1991Blackpool Falcons8Steel City Giants28
02.11.1991Northants Storm64Leeds Cougars0
Southern Final
09.11.1991London Capitals18Farnham Knights14
Northern Final
17.11.1991Northants Storm30Steel City Giants12
30.11.1991Northants Storm58London Capitals6
BYAFA Youth Kitted League Playoffs 1991 [Ref: 7-11]

Regualar Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 3
24.08.1991MonarchsLBrighton B-52sW
Week 4
31.08.1991Brighton B-52s6Monarchs14
Week 1
10.08.1991Ipswich Cardinals26Chelmsford Braves33
10.08.1991Colchester Gladiators56Norwich Demons6
10.08.1991Franham Knights30Brighton B-52s0
10.08.1991Monarchs14Kent Pumas14
Week 7
21.09.1991Norwich Demons22Chelmsford Braves18
21.09.1991Northants Storm58Leicester Panthers0
21.09.1991Bournemouth Renegades66Solent Warriors6
21.09.1991London Capitals47Folkestone Vikings2
21.09.1991Gateshead Senators39Lincoln Saints12
21.09.1991Nottingham8Steel City Giants42
21.09.1991Kent Pumas13Monarchs0
21.09.1991Basingstoke12Brighton B-52s20
Week 8
28.09.1991Nottingham6Gateshead Senators0
28.09.1991Bournemouth Renegades33Cardiff2
28.09.1991Solent Warriors6Bristol Aztecs96
28.09.1991Folkestone Vikings56Luton Area Huskers20
28.09.1991Gateshead Senators0Nottingham6
28.09.1991Burton Braves12Birmingham Bulls36
28.09.1991Brighton B-52s16Basingstoke6
28.09.1991Monarchs0Farnham Knights13
28.09.1991Ipswich Cardinals44Tiptree Titans0
28.09.1991Chester Romans8Glasgow Lions28
28.09.1991Leicester Panthers6Northants Storm40
Week 9
05.10.1991Northants Storm38Birmingham Bulls20
05.10.1991Chelmsford Braves22Ipswich Cardinals26
05.10.1991Leeds Cougars0Nottingham8
05.10.1991Bristol Aztecs18Bournemouth Renegades6
05.10.1991Kent Pumas28Basingstoke0
05.10.1991Luton Area Huskers6Folkestone Vikings32
05.10.1991Leicester Panthers6Colchester Gladiators16
Week 10
Week 11
19.10.1991Leeds Cougars22Gateshead Senators0
19.10.1991Kent Pumas25Brighton B-52s0
19.10.1991Steel City Giants58Nottingham12
BYAFA Youth Kitted League Regular Season Results 1991 [Ref: 1-6]


Northants Storm lived up to their name, storming to the British Youth American Football Association Kitted Final, triumphing by a large margin in the Final, 58-6, over London Capitals. They had earlier defeated Steel City Giants, from Sheffield in Yorkshire, 30-12, in the Northern Conference Final, while London Capitals had squeezed by Farnham Knights, from Hampshire, 18-14 in the Southern Conference Semi-Final.

In total 30 teams entered the BYAFA Kitted League in 1991, and were divided into eight divisions in two conferences, north and south. London Capitals, Bristol Aztecs, Farnham Knights and Colchester Gladiators were the four division winners in the Souther Conference, while Northants Storm, Blackpool Falcons, Steel City Giants and Leeds Cougars were the Northern Conference Division winners.

Quarterback Pete Underwood linked up with Wide Receiver Steve Booth for two Touchdowns for Northants in the Final, and the pair devastated the Capitals defense all day.



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