CAAF Ceska Asociace Americkaho Fotbalu (Czech Republic) 1994-1999

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CAAF 1994

Prague Panthers (C)6600306361.000
Brno Alligators63307199.500
Prague Lions6330106134.500
Ostrava Cobras606018232.000
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CAAF 1995

DateHome TeamAway Team
14.10.1995Prague Panthers54Ostrava Eagles6
15.10.1995Prague Lions1Brno Alligators0 #
Czech Bowl II
22.10.1995Prague Panthers52Prague Lions22
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CAAF 1996

Prague Panthers (C)6600412551.000
Ostrava Steelers (P)651031070.833
Brno Alligators (P)6420303114.667
Prague Lions (P)6330204124.500
Havirov Vikings624050272.333
Pribram Rams615020372.167
Pilsen Bulldogs606038330.000
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DateHome TeamAway Team
05.10.1996Ostrava Steelers32Brno Alligators21
06.10.1996Prague Panthers6Prague Lions0
Czech Bowl III
12.10.1996Prague Panthers48Ostrava Steelers30
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CAAF 1997

Skupina Zapad
Prague Panthers (C)871040853.875
Prague Lions (P)853029996.625
Pribram Rams807123387.063
Skupina Vychod
Ostrava Steelers (C)9900320791.000
Brno Alligators (P)9540229130.556
Bratislava Monarchs9360136294.333
Havirov Devils908137413.056
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DateHome TeamAway Team
12.10.1997Prague Panthers35Brno Alligators34
12.10.1997Ostrava Steelers21Prague Panthers16
Czech Bowl IV
19.10.1997Ostrava Steelers35Prague Panthers21
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CAAF 1998

Skupina Zapad
Prague Panthers (C)8800373491.000
Prague Lions (P)862037181.750
Pilsen Tornadoes808032600.000
Skupina Vychod
Ostrava Steelers (C)972026679.778
Bratislava Monarchs (P)9441212155.500
Brno Alligators9351228261.389
Havirov Devils918084341.111
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DateHome TeamAway Team
10.10.1998Prague Panthers 44Bratislava Monarchs0
10.10.1998Ostrava Steelers14Prague Lions30
Czech Bowl V
24.10.1998Prague Lions29Prague Panthers8
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CAAF 1999

Skupina Zapad
Prague Panthers (C)101000388141.000
Prague Lions (P)1082047383.800
Pribram Rams1019074470.100
Pilsen Tornadoes1019020562.100
Skupina Vyvhod
Brno Alligators (C)10820305208.800
Bratislava Monarchs (P)10550322135.500
Ostrava Steelers10550208163.500
Havirov Devils10280144299.200
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DateHome TeamAway Team
18.09.1999Prague Panthers56Bratislava Monarchs16
18.09.1999Brno Alligators6Prague Lions23
Czech Bowl VI
03.10.1999Prague Panthers38Prague Lions0
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The first Czech American Football Association (CAAF) season was in 1994, not long after independence from the Soviets. Four teams entered: Prague Panthers, Brno Alligators, Prague Lions and Ostrava Cobras. Prague Panthers finished the season 6-0 claiming the CAAF Championship. In 1995 Ostrava Cobras were replaced by Ostrava Eagles, otherwise it was the same four teams with Prague Panthers again emerging victorious in the Czech Bowl by a score of 52-22 over Prague Lions. In 1996 there was yet another team in Ostrava, the Steelers, and this time they got the mix right going all the way to Czech Bowl III where they were defeated by the Prague Panthers, who won their third Championship in as many years 48-30. The league nearly doubled in size that year with the addition of Pribram Rams, Havirov Vikings and Pilsen Bulldogs, all of whom failed to make the playoffs. The Vikings were replaced in 1997 by the Havirov Devils and the Pilsen team folded, replaced in the league by Bratislava Monarchs from Slovakia. The league was divided into East (Vychod) and West (Zapad) Divisions. Ostrava Steelers went one better that year triumphing 35-21 against Prague Panthers in Czech Bowl IV.

There was a new team back in Pilsen, the Tornadoes in 1998, replacing Pribram Rams, and the Prague Lions became the third team to win the Czech Bowl after shocking Ostrava Steelers in the Semi-Finals and then Prague Panthers 29-8 in Czech Bowl V. In 1999 Pribram Rams returned bringing the CAAF league up to 8 teams. Prague Panthers won back the Czech Bowl, 38-0 over Prague Lions. With some big mismatches (Lions defeating Rams 101-0 and Tornadoes 56-0; Monarchs defeating Tornadoes 59-0 and Rams 82-0; Alligators winning 66-0 against Tornadoes) and the resulting forfeits by the Rams and Havirov Devils towards the end of the season the league was split into Divisions A and B respectively for the stronger and weaker teams in 2000.



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