Cadet Baseball

Cadet Baseball Leagues have been played since the 1960s at least with the Leagues being either sanctioned by the first Irish Baseball Association in the 1960s or by American Judges on visits to Ireland with the co-operation of Irish Authorities.

Cadet Baseball

Irish Baseball Association; Donegal Baseball & Softball Association; Baseball Ireland

Irish Baseball Association

Irish Baseball Association | Championship 1961-1966

Irish Baseball Championship (12-15 y.o) (Seasons): 1961

Tuam (Galway) Cadet Baseball

Tuam Galway Cadet Baseball 1970

Donegal Baseball & Softball Association

Donegal Baseball & Softball Association | Youth Baseball League: 1988

Baseball Ireland

Baseball Ireland | Cadet (13-16 y.o.) (Seasons):

2004 2005 2006 2007 2009

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