CAF African Club Cup 1968-69


Team 1Team 2Leg 1Leg 2Agg
Preliminary Round
Cosmopolitans (Tanzania)Somalie Police (Somalia)0-0scr – w/oscr – w/o
Secteur 6 (Niger)Union Sportive (Upper Volta)1-11-32-4
Gambian ChampionsFAR (Morocco)scrw/o
Mighty Blackpool (Sierra Leone)Etoile du Congo (Congo Brazzaville) 2-2scr – w/oscr – w/o
First Round
Abaluhya (Kenya)St. George’s (Ethiopia)1-13-14-2
Somalie Police (Somalia)Mourada (Sudan)1-11-32-4
Union Sportive (Upper Volta) Etoile Filante (Togo)1-40-21-6
Barole Impregnable (Liberia)Conakry II (Guinea)disq.w/o
FAR (Morocco)Foyer (French Senegal)2-01-03-0
Cape Coast Dwarfs (Ghana)Stationary Stores (Nigeria)2-32-14-4 *
Etoile du Congo (Congo Brazzaville)Oryx (Cameroons)1-23-44-6 +
Africa Sport (Ivory Coast)Engelbert (Congo Kinshasa)2-04-46-4 ^
Etoile Filante Conakry II3-0w/o – scrw/o – scr
FARStationary Stores (Nigeria)1-01-22-2
Etoile FilanteAbaluhya0-24-04-2
EngelbertEtoile Filante5-01-46-5
CAF African Club Cup 1968 [Reference: 1-5]

Note: *Stationary stores of Nigeria won on away goals. + Extra-Time Played in 2nd Leg.

Note 2: ^ Engelbert replaced Africa Sport in the Quarter-Finals (Africa Sport disqualified for fielding an ineligible player).


Engelbert of Congo Kinshasa (now DR Congo) won the Confederation of African Football African Club Cup in 1968-69 in a remarkable manner. After surviving an early round due to their opponents, Africa Sport of Ivory Coast, fielding an ineligible player and therefore being disqualified, they went on to win the Final against Etoile Filante of Togo 6-4 on aggregate.

They looked home and dry after the first leg at home, but in the second leg, Etoile Filante pulled four back in the first half. Seemingly out for the count Engelbert picked themselves up for the second half, and scored a goal to make the Final score 1-4 on the day, and 6-4 on aggregate.



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