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Shinty League C 2021PWDLFAPts
Glasgow Mid-Argyll
Kyles Athletic
Oban Camanachd
Oban Celtic
[References: 3]

Results & Fixtures

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
05.06.2021Glasgow Mid-ArgyllOban Camanachd
05.06.2021Oban CelticKyles Athletic
Week 2
12.06.2021InverarayOban Celtic
12.06.2021Kyles AthleticGlasgow Mid-Argyll
12.06.2021Oban CamanachdAberdour
Week 4
26.06.2021AberdourGlasgow Mid-Argyll
26.06.2021Oban CelticOban Camanachd
Week 5
03.07.2021AberdourKyles Athletic
03.07.2021Glasgow Mid-ArgyllInveraray
Week 8
24.07.2021Oban CamanachdGlasgow Mid-Argyll
Week 9
31.07.2021InverarayGlasgow Mid-Argyll
31.07.2021Kyles AthleticOban Camanachd
31.07.2021Oban CelticAberdour
Week 10
07.08.2021Glasgow Mid-ArgyllOban Celtic
07.08.2021InverarayKyles Athletic
Week 12
Week 13
28.08.2021Glasgow Mid-ArgyllAberdour
28.08.2021Kyles AthleticOban Celtic
28.08.2021Oban CamanachdInveraray
Week 15
11.09.2021AberdourOban Camanachd
11.09.2021Glasgow Mid-ArgyllKyles Athletic
11.09.2021Oban CelticGlasgow Mid-Argyll
Week 17
25.09.2021AberdourOban Celtic
25.09.2021Oban CamanachdKyles Athletic
Week 18
02.10.2021Kyles AthleticInveraray
02.10.2021Oban CamanachdOban Celtic
Week 20
16.10.2021InverarayOban Camanachd
16.10.2021Kyles AthleticAberdour
16.10.2021Oban CelticGlasgow Mid-Argyll
[References: 3]

About Camanachd Association Shinty Senior League B 2021

After a years break due to concerns around the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, the Shinty Leagues are back in Scotland with the Premiership and National League condensed into three senior leagues of 6 teams each playing a 10 game schedule (double round-robin – home and away). There is no difference in playing level between the Senior A, Senior B and Senior C Leagues. The Senior C League for 2021 includes Premiership runners-up four years running from 2015 to 2018 Kyles Athletic .

About Shinty

Shinty is Gaelic Scotland’s traditional version of Hurling. It is one of the forgotten Gaelic, Celtic or Atlantic Games like Basque Pelota and Welsh Baseball, played mostly in Gaelic parts of Scotland like the Highlands and Islands.

The game is very similar to Hurling, with a curved stick used to hit a ball through a goal, except there is no point-over-the-bar and less play in the air. The game is 12-a-side as opposed to Hurling’s 15-a-side. It is also known as Camanachd in Scottish Gaelic.



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