Campeonato Candango (Futebol Americano Goias-Brasilia) 2019

Futebol Americano Brasil Logo [Ref: 1]

Final Standings

*Goiania Rednecks220012561.000
*Goiania Saints21103459.500
Brasilia V8 #20206100.000
FABR Campeonato Candango Final Standings 2019 [Ref: 2]


DateHome Team Away Team
19.05.2019Tubaroes de Cerrado68Goiania Saints0
19.05.2019Brasilia Leones de Juda16Goiania Rednecks0
01.06.2019Tubaroes de Cerrado7Brasilia Leones de Juda2
FABR Campeonato Candango Playoff Results 2019 [Ref: 2]

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team
23.03.2019Goiania Saints6Goiania Rednecks53
14.04.2019Brasilia V86Goiania Saints28
04.05.2019Goiania Rednecks72Brasilia V80
FABR Campeonato Candango Regular Season Results 2019 [Ref: 2]


Goiania Rednecks won the Candango State League (Goias & Brasilia) in Brasil in 2019, with both the Rednecks and Goiania Saints qualifying for the Playoffs. the two teams lost to Tubaroes de Cerrado and Brasilia Leones de Juda in the Semi-Finals, before Tubaroes de Cerrado won the Final.

The State Leagues (Estaduais) are the Fourth Level in Brazilian American Football which are organised as follows: 1. Brasil Futebol Americano; 2. Brasil Futebol Americano 2; 3. Regional Leagues (Regionais). 4. State Leagues (Estaduais)



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