Canadian Amateur Football Association Leader-Post Trophy 1947-1975

Leader-Post Trophy Results 1947-1975

The Evergreen Bowl
01.01.1948 Game 1Vancouver Blue Bombers13Hamilton Tiger-Cubs5
03.01.1948 Game 2Vancouver Blue Bombers6Hamilton Tiger-Cubs3
Vancouver won series 19-8)
CRU Leader-Post Trophy
20.11.1948Hamilton Jr Wildcats23Saskatoon Hilltops10
20.11.1949Hamilton Jr Wildcats14Vancouver Blue Bombers11
18.11.1950Hamilton Jr Tiger-Cats14Vancouver Blue Bombers5
17.11.1951Hamilton Jr Tiger-Cats21Edmonton Maple Leafs1
22.11.1952Windsor AKO Fratmen15Edmonton Wildcats12
21.11.1953Saskatoon Hilltops34Windsor AKO Fratmen6
20.11.1954Windsor AKO Fratmen13Winnipeg Rods9
19.11.1955Winnipeg Rods19Windsor AKO Fratmen13
18.11.1956Winnipeg Rods21Toronto Parkdale Lions10
23.11.1957Toronto Parkdale Lions20Winnipeg Rods13
23.11.1958Saskatoon Hilltops18NDG Maple Leafs14
21.11.1959Saskatoon Hilltops46North York Knights7
19.11.1960Rosemount Bombers22Saskatoon Hilltops20
15.11.1961St. James Rods16Rosemount Bombers13
24.11.1962Edmonton Huskies7NDG Maple Leafs3
18.11.1963Edmonton Huskies47NDG Maple Leafs3
11.11.1964Edmonton Huskies48NDG Maple Leafs27
21.11.1965NDG Maple Leafs2Edmonton Huskies1
11.11.1966Regina Rams29NDG Maple Leafs14
CAFA Leader-Post Trophy
12.11.1967Edmonton Wildcats29Burlington Braves6
11.11.1968Saskatoon Hilltops27Ottawa Sooners19
15.11.1969Saskatoon Hilltops28Ottawa Sooners7
13.11.1970Regina Rams29Edmonton Huskies11
13.11.1971Regina Rams42Burlington Braves13
11.11.1972Hamilton Hurricanes33Regina Rams8
10.11.1973Regina Rams9Ottawa Sooners0
23.11.1974Ottawa Sooners17Vancouver Meralomas4
16.11.1975Regina Rams38Hamilton Hurricanes19
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The Leader-Post Trophy was the name for the Canadian Bowl from 1948 to 1975. The Trophy was won on a record five occasions during this period by the Saskatoon Hilltops. Other winners were Regina Rams (4), Edmonton Huskies (3), Hamilton Jr Wildcats, Hamilton Jr Tiger-Cats, Windsor AKO Fratmen and Winnipeg Rods twice each. The Trophy was won on a single occasion by Ottawa Sooners, Hamilton Hurricanes, Edmonton Wildcats, NDG Maple Leafs, Rosemount Bombers, Toronto Parkdale Lions and St. James Rods. Vancouver Blue Bombers won the Evergreen Bowl as it was known in 1947, the only year it was called so.

Canadian Bowl Trophy [Reference: 4]
Canadian Bowl Trophy [Reference: 4]

About the Canadian Bowl and Leader-Post Trophy

The Canadian Bowl is the Championship Game of the Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL), the second level of Canadian Football. It was first played in 1907 as the Canadian Rugby Union (CRU) Junior Championship, then after one year in 1947 as the Evergreen Bowl it became the Leader-Post Trophy. It was known as the Leader-Post Trophy until 1976, two years after the Canadian Rugby Union (CRU) was renamed the Canadian National Junior Football League (CNJFL), when the Trophy was rebranded the Armadale Cup. It was again renamed in 1989, this time as the Canadian Bowl, seven years after the CNJFL became the Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL).

About Canadian Football

The 12v12 version of the game played in Canada differs from American Football not only in the number of players allowed on the field at any one time (12 in a Canadian Football team versus 11 in an American Football team), but also in the size of the field (a Canadian Football field is 110 yards long with two 20-yard endzones, while an American Football field is 100 yards long with two 15 yard endzones). Canadian Football teams also have only three downs (attempts) in which to gain 10 yards or the ball is turned over as opposed to four downs in American Football. There is also the possibility of scoring a “Rouge” in Canadian Football – this happens when the ball is kicked through the back of the endzone, and is worth one point.



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