Canadian Amateur Football Association Ontario Junior Football Conference 1967-1973

OJFC 1967

Burlington Braves (P)109101987518
Hamilton Hurricanes (P)108111486717
Scraboro Rams (P)104428410610
Weston Invictus Redmen103521501248
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Bears103701281356
Richmond Knights10091772731
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DateHome TeamAway Team
1967Burlington Braves21Scarboro Rams3
1967Hamilton Hurricanes23Weston Invictus Redmen7
1967Burlington Braves10Hamilton Hurricanes8
1967Burlington Braves23Hamilton Hurricanes0
(Burlington won series 33-8)
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OJFC 1968

Hamilton Hurricanes (P)87101327214
Burlington Braves (P)86202048412
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Bears (P)853012911110
York Redmen (P)8260761214
Scarboro Rams8080231730
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DateHome TeamAway Team
1968Burlington Braves14York Redmen0
1968Hamilton Hurricanes36Etobicoke-Lakeshore Bears10
1968Hamilton Hurricanes5Burlington Braves0
1968Burlington Braves14Hamilton Hurricanes3
(Burlington won series 14-8)
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OJFC 1969

Burlington Braves (P)88002362616
Hamilton Hurricanes (P)853018814910
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Bears (P)84401311978
Scarboro Rams (P)83501521236
York Redmen808084960
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DateHome TeamAway Team
1969Burlington Braves27Lakeshore Bears10
1969Hamilton Hurricanes9Scarboro Rams7
1969Hamilton Hurricanes7Burlington Braves7
1969Hamilton Hurricanes7Burlington Braves0
(Hamilton won Series 14-7)
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OJFC 1970

Burlington Braves (P)88003751416
Hamilton Hurricanes (P)86202214612
Scarboro Rams (P)853113717311
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Bears (P)9261673495
Oakville Colts10190362592
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Note: ^ last game of season cancelled due to park light failure with Burlington leading 8-7 at halftime.

Note 2: Played Inter-locking Schedule with Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union.

DateHome TeamAway Team
1970Burlington Braves62Scarboro Rams0
1970Hamilton Hurricanes44Etobicoke-Lakeshore Bears0
1970Burlington Braves35Hamilton Hurricanes3
1970Burlington Braves19Hamilton Hurricanes12
(Burlington won series 54-15)
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OJFC 1971

Scarboro Rams (P)1073019712214
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Bears104602203008
Oakville Colts102801112794
Peterboro Panthers 10190882982
Burlington Braves (P)1091037310018
Hamilton Hurricanes (P)107212848115
Brantford Bisons1073024012914
Sarnia Lakers102711133175
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DateHome TeamAway Team
1971Burlington Braves59Etobicoke-Lakeshore Bears7
1971Hamilton Hurricanes26Scarboro Rams13
1971Burlington Braves28Hamilton Hurricanes11
1971Hamilton Hurricanes14Burlington Braves10
(Burlington won series 38-25)
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OJFC 1972

Scarboro Rams (P)1010004134820
Peterboro Panthers #1055013418310
Oshawa Hawkeyes (P)10460822428
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Bears102801242664
Oakville Colts10190892282
Hamilton Hurricanes (P)1010003078920
Brantford Bisons (P)1073021111814
Burlington Braves1055014616110
Niagara Falls Regional Raiders103701692346
Sarnia Lakers103701152236
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DateHome TeamAway Team
1972Scarboro Rams13Brantford Bisons7
1972Hamilton Hurricanes59Oshawa Hawkeyes0
1972Scarboro Rams11Hamilton Hurricanes6
1972Hamilton Hurricanes16Scarboro Rams 3
(Hamilton won Series 22-14)
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OJFC 1973

Scarboro Rams (P)1010003895520
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Bears (P)107302829114
Peterboro Panthers104602212958
Oshawa Hawkeyes10190873262
Oakville Colts10190724432
Brantford Bisons (P)1091026014618
Hamilton Hurricanes (P)1073020310814
Niagara Falls Regional Raiders1073029514314
Burlington Braves102801702264
Sarnia Lakers102801272904
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DateHome TeamAway Team
1973Scarboro Rams27Hamilton Hurricanes1
1973Brantford Bisons23Etobicoke-Lakeshore Bears17
1973Scarboro Rams9Brantford Bisons4
1973Brantford Bisons15Scarboro Rams12
(Scarboro won series 21-19)
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Burlington Braves won the Canadian Amateur Football Association’s Ontario Junior Football Conference Championship four times from 1967 to 1973 (1967, 1968, 1970 and 1971). Hamilton Hurricanes won twice (1969 and 1972) and the Scarboro Rams won the Championship in 1973.

The Champions went on to represent the Ontario Junior Football Conference in the Canadian Rugby Union Junior Championships, with the winners of that meeting the Western Canada Championship winners in the Canadian Amateur Football Association Leader-Post Trophy.

There were six teams in the Ontario Junior Football Conference in 1967, with Oshawa Hawkeyes dropping out for one season and the Richmond Knights joining. Burlington Braves defeated Hamilton Hurricanes 33-8 in the Championship Series over two games. The Knights folded after one season, however, leaving the OJFC at five teams. Weston Invictus Redmen moved to York, keeping the name Redmen. Again Burlington defeated Hamilton over two games for the Championship, although it was much closer in 1968 with the Braves winning 14-8 over two games.

The same five teams played in 1969, with Hamilton Hurricanes winning at the third attempt 14-7 against the Braves. The 1970 season saw the OJFC play an Inter-locking schedule with the three teams from the Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union. The Championship again was a tussle between Burlington and Hamilton with the Championship returning to Burlington.

The OJFC and JORFU merged for the 1971 season, playing in East and West Divisions. Oakville Colts, Brantford Bisons, and Sarnia Lakers joined the OJFC during this process, with Scarboro Rams winning the East Division title and Burlington Braves the West. Hamilton Hurricanes, runners-up in the West defeated Scarboro in the Semi-Finals, and so again the Championship was between the Hurricanes and Braves with the Braves winning for the fourth time in five years.

The Amature Canadian Football Association was slightly renamed the Amateur Canadian Football Association in 1972, and Hamilton and Scarboro were Division winners in an expanded 10-team Conference, with the addition of Niagara Falls Regional Raiders and Peterboro Panthers. Hamilton defeated Scarboro in the Championship which for the first tome in six years featured a team other than the Hurricanes or Braves. In 1973 Scarboro finally managed to make the breakthrough, defeating Brantford Bisons 21-19 in the closest two-leg Championship in the seven years of the era.

The Hamilton Hurricanes went all the way to the Leaderr-Post Trophy in 1972, defeating Western Canada Champions Regina Rams 33-8 to become Canadian Amateur Football Association Champions. Burlington Braves were the only other team from the OJFC to progress to the Leader-Post Trophy during this period, having won the Canadian Rugby Union Junior Eastern Semi-Finals on three occasions in 1967, 1970 and 1971 but lost on all three occasions.

In 1974 the CAFA was renamed the Canadian National Junior Football League.

About Canadian Football

The 12v12 version of the game played in Canada differs from American Football not only in the number of players allowed on the field at any one time (12 in a Canadian Football team versus 11 in an American Football team), but also in the size of the field (a Canadian Football field is 110 yards long with two 20-yard endzones, while an American Football field is 100 yards long with two 15 yard endzones). Canadian Football teams also have only three downs (attempts) in which to gain 10 yards or the ball is turned over as opposed to four downs in American Football. There is also the possibility of scoring a “Rouge” in Canadian Football – this happens when the ball is kicked through the back of the endzone, and is worth one point.



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