Canadian Football League 2020

Canadian Football League Logo [Ref: 1]


West Division
British Columbia Lions
Calgary Stampeders
Edmonton Eskimoes
Saskatchewan Roughriders
Winnipeg Blue Bombers
East Division
Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Toronto Argonauts
Montreal Alouettes
Canadian Football League Standings 2020 [Ref: 2]

Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Eastern Semi-Final
08.11.2020Eastern #2Eastern #3
Western Semi-Final
08.11.2020Western #2Western #3
Eastern Final
15.11.2020Eastern #1Eastern SF Winner
Western Semi-Final
15.11.2020Western #1Western SF Winner
108th Grey Cup
22.11.2020Eastern F WinnerWestern F Winner
Canadian Football League Playoffs 2020 [Ref: 3]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
12.06.2020Edmonton EskimoesBritish Columbia Lions
13.06.2020Ottawa REDBLACKSToronto Argonauts
13.06.2020Calgary StampedersMontreal Alouettes
14.06.2020Hamilton Tiger-CatsWinnipeg Blue Bombers
Week 2
19.06.2020Calgary StampedersBritish Columbia Lions
20.06.2020Saskatchewan RoughridersMontreal Alouettes
21.06.2020Toronto ArgonautsHamilton Tiger-Cats
21.06.2020Edmonton EskimoesOttawa REDBLACKS
Week 3
26.06.2020Hamilton Tiger-CatsSaskatchewan Roughriders
27.06.2020Winnipeg Blue BombersCalgary Stampeders
28.06.2020British Columbia LionsEdmonton Eskimoes
Week 4
03.07.2020Montreal AlouettesOttawa REDBLACKS
04.07.2020Edmonton EskimoesWinnipeg Blue Bombers
05.07.2020Toronto ArgonautsCalgary Stampeders
05.07.2020Saskatchewan RoughridersBritish Columbia Lions
Week 5
10.07.2020Winnipeg Blue BombersMontreal Alouettes
11.07.2020Hamilton Tiger-CatsCalgary Stampeders
12.07.2020Saskatchewan RoughridersToronto Argonauts
12.07.2020British Columbia LionsOttawa REDBLACKS
Week 6
17.07.2020Winnipeg Blue BombersBritish Columbia Lions
18.07.2020Montreal AlouettesCalgary Stampeders
18.07.2020Edmonton EskimoesToronto Argonauts
19.07.2020Ottawa REDBLACKSHamilton Tiger-Cats
Week 7
24.07.2020British Columbia LionsMontreal Alouettes
25.07.2020Ottawa REDBLACKSEdmonton Eskimoes
25.07.2020Toronto ArgonautsSaskatchewan Roughriders
26.07.2020Calgary StampedersHamilton Tiger-Cats
Week 8
31.07.2020Saskatchewan RoughridersOttawa REDBLACKS
01.08.2020Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue Bombers
01.08.2020Edmonton EskimoesHamilton Tiger-Cats
02.08.2020Montreal AlouettesBritish Columbia Lions
Week 9
07.08.2020Ottawa REDBLACKSWinnipeg Blue Bombers
08.08.2020Hamilton Tiger-CatsMontreal Alouettes
09.08.2020Calgary StampedersToronto Argonauts
09.08.2020Saskatchewan RoughridersBritish Columbia Lions
Week 10
14.08.2020Montreal AlouettesSaskatchewan Roughriders
15.08.2020Winnipeg Blue BombersEdmonton Eskimoes
16.08.2020Hamilton Tiger-CatsOttawa REDBLACKS
16.08.2020British Columbia LionsCalgary Stampeders
Week 11
21.08.2020Calgary StampedersWinnipeg Blue Bombers
22.08.2020Montreal AlouettesOttawa REDBLACKS
22.08.2020Toronto ArgonautsHamilton Tiger-Cats
23.08.2020Saskatchewan RoughridersEdmonton Eskimoes
Week 12
28.08.2020Winnipeg Blue BombersOttawa REDBLACKS
29.08.2020Toronto ArgonautsMontreal Alouettes
29.08.2020British Columbia LionsHamilton Tiger-Cats
30.08.2020Edmonton EskimoesSaskatchewan Roughriders
Week 13
04.09.2020Ottawa REDBLACKSBritish Columbia Lions
07.09.2020Saskatchewan RoughridersWinnipeg Blue Bombers
07.09.2020Hamilton Tiger-CatsToronto Argonauts
07.09.2020Calgary StampedersEdmonton Eskimoes
Week 14
12.09.2020Ottawa REDBLACKSMontreal Alouettes
12.09.2020Winnipeg Blue BombersSaskatchewan Roughriders
13.09.2020Edmonton EskimoesCalgary Stampeders
13.09.2020British Columbia LionsToronto Argonauts
Week 15
19.09.2020Montreal AlouettesEdmonton Eskimoes
19.09.2020Saskatchewan RoughridersCalgary Stampeders
19.09.2020Toronto ArgonautsOttawa REDBLACKS
20.09.2020Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-Cats
Week 16
26.09.2020Hamilton Tiger-CatsMontreal Alouettes
26.09.2020Calgary StampedersWinnipeg Blue Bombers
27.09.2020Ottawa REDBLACKSToronto Argonauts
27.09.2020British Columbia LionsSaskatchewan Roughriders
Week 17
03.10.2020Toronto ArgonautsBritish Columbia Lions
03.10.2020Montreal AlouettesHamilton Tiger-Cats
04.10.2020Edmonton EskimoesSaskatchewan Roughriders
Week 18
10.10.2020Winnipeg Blue BombersEdmonton Eskimoes
10.10.2020Ottawa REDBLACKSSaskatchewan Roughriders
11.10.2020British Columbia LionsCalgary Stampeders
12.10.2020Montreal AlouettesToronto Argonauts
Week 19
17.10.2020Calgary StampedersOttawa REDBLACKS
17.10.2020Hamilton Tiger-CatsEdmonton Eskimoes
18.10.2020Winnipeg Blue BombersToronto Argonauts
Week 20
24.10.2020Ottawa REDBLACKSCalgary Stampeders
24.10.2020British Columbia LionsWinnipeg Blue Bombers
24.10.2020Edmonton EskimoesMontreal Alouettes
25.10.2020Saskatchewan RoughridersHamilton Tiger-Cats
Week 21
30.10.2020Hamilton Tiger-CatsBritish Columbia Lions
31.10.2020Calgary StampedersSaskatchewan Roughriders
31.10.2020Toronto ArgonautsEdmonton Eskimoes
31.10.2020Montreal AlouettesWinnipeg Blue Bombers
Canadian Football League Regular Season Schedule 2020 [Ref: 3]



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