Canadian Football

Canadian Football League Major Era (1958-Present):

Canadian Football League [Ref: Canada 1]


[Canada 1] Canadian Football League (2019) CFL Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 20 May 2019]

Canadian Football League 1993-1995

Canadian Football League 2001-2009

Canadian Football League (Seasons): 2019 2020

Canadian Football League Timelines:

Canadian Football League Timeline 1869-present

Canadian Football League Expansion 1869-present

Canadian Rugby Union (1907-1958)

The Interprovincial Rugby Football Union (IRFU), the Big Four (Hamilton Tigers, Toronto Argonauts, Ottawa Rough Riders and Montreal Football Club), The Grey Cup was donated in 1909 by the Earl of Grey, for which only Canadian Rugby Union members may play for. The CFL’s version of the Super Bowl, and since the 1950s has been in the sole possession of the CFL, when the sport broke away from the Canadian Rugby Union and formed its own League, with the Cup dating back to the late-nineteenth century.

Canadian Football is 12-a-side as opposed to 11-a-side in standard American Football, with a 110-yard field, with two 20-yard endzones (whereas in American Football it is 100-yards long with two 15-yard endzones). in Canadian Football teams also have only three downs (attempts) in which to gain 10 yards before the ball is turned over as opposed to 4 in American Football. There is also the “Rouge” – 1 Point scored when the ball is kicked out the back of the endzone.

Canadian Football League 1950-1959

Canadian Semi-Pro Football Leagues:

Maritime Provinces

Maritime Football League (Canada) 2015-2019


Quebec Major Junior Football League 2011-2019

Northern Ontario & Quebec

Northern Football Conference 2015-2019


Alberta Football League (Seasons): 2019

Canadian Junior Football League (Amateur):

Canadian Junior Football League Logo [Ref: Canada 3]

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[Canada 3] Canadian Junior Football League | Facebook (2011) CJFL Profile Picture: March 3, 2011 [Internet] Available from: 20 December 2019]

Maritime Canada

Atlantic Football Leagues

Atlantic Football League Moosehead Cup Champions 2009-Present

Atlantic Football League 2016-2019


Quebec Provincial Championships

Quebec Rugby Football Union (Canadian Football) Junior Series 1887-1889

Junior Quebec Rugby Football Union 1890-1899

Quebec Junior Football Provincial Championship (Canadian Football) 1902-1905

Quebec Football Leagues (Rivals):

Junior Quebec Rugby Football Union (Canadian Football) 1900-1906

Quebec Independent Junior Football League (Canadian Football) 1904-1905


Ontario Junior Football Leagues

Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union (Canadian Football) Championship Games 1890-1901

Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union (Canadian Football) 1902-1906

Canadian Junior Football League | Ontario Conference 2014-2019

Ontario Football Leagues (Universities and Colleges):

Junior Inter-Collegiate Rugby Football Union (Canadian Football) 1906

Little Big Four (Canadian Football) 1902-1906

Canadian Shield / Prairie (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba):

Manitoba Junior Football Leagues

Manitoba Junior Rugby Football Union (Canadian Football) 1893-1904

Prairie Conference (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)

Canadian Junior Football League | Prairie Conference 2014-2019

British Columbia

Canadian Rugby Union (Canadian Football) | Big Four Football 1947-1956

Canadian Junior Football League | British Columbia Conference 2014-2019

Canadian Football Leagues Internationals

Canadian Football League Internationals:

American Football League International 1926

Canadian Football League v American Football League Matches 1941-1948

National Football League v Canadian Football League 1950-1961

National Football League Preseason Matches in Canada 1960-1969

Canadian Semi-Pro Provincial Leagues International:

Irish American Football Teams v Canadian Semi-Pro Teams 1994-1995

Canadian U21 Teams International:

Irish American Football Teams v Canadian U21 Teams 2002-2013

Canadian U20 & High School Gridiron Football Teams in Ireland 2012-2013