Canadian Rugby Union (Canadian Football) Junior Championship 1907-1925

CRU Jr Championship Results 1907-1925

30.11.1907Toronto Parkdale II16Uni of Toronto Varsity III0
05.12.1908Toronto Parkdale CC II22Lindsay Jrs0
11.12.1909St. Michael’s College Saints7Hamilton Jr Alerts III2
17.12.1910Hamilton Jr Tigers III4St. Lambert College Saints3
09.12.1911Petrolea Jrs II27Royal Military College12
30.11.1912Hamilton Jr Alerts13Guelph Ontario Agricultural College7
06.12.1913Toronto Capitals II17Westminster II Rugby Club2
05.12.1914Uni of Western Ontario23Guelph OAC9
20.11.1915Uni of Toronto Schools30Woodstock College Jrs0
1916No CRU Jr Championsihp Game
1917No CRU Jr Championship Game
07.12.1918Central YMCA25St. Carherine’s Jrs1
1919No CRU Jr Championship Game
1920No CRU Jr Championship Game
10.12.1921St. Aidan’s College Saints11Queens University III8
1922No CRU Jr Championship Game
1923Montreal Loyola College9Toronto Canoe Club3
06.12.1924Toronto Canoe Club Red Ringers7Rideau Aquatic Club1
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The Canadian Rugby Union (a Canadian version of Football, closer to American Football than Rugby Union) organized the first Canadian Junior Football Championship between Provincial Champions in 1907. From 1907 to 1925 the CRU Junior Championship was won by a different team on each occasion. St. Aidan’s College Saints, named after an Irish Saint, and playing in the Toronto City Football League won the CRU Junior Championship in 1921 defeating Queens University III 11-8 in the Championship Game.

Canadian Bowl Trophy [Reference: 1]
Canadian Bowl Trophy [Reference: 1]

About the Canadian Bowl and CRU Jr Championship

The Canadian Bowl is the Championship Game of the Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL), the second level of Canadian Football. It was first played in 1907 as the Canadian Rugby Union (CRU) Junior Championship, becoming the Leader-Post Trophy in 1925. After one year in 1947 as the Evergreen Bowl it became the Leader-Post Trophy again. It was known as the Leader-Post Trophy until 1976, two years after the Canadian Rugby Union (CRU) was renamed the Canadian National Junior Football League (CNJFL), when the Trophy was rebranded the Armadale Cup. It was again renamed in 1989, this time as the Canadian Bowl, seven years after the CNJFL became the Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL).

About Canadian Football

The 12v12 version of the game played in Canada differs from American Football not only in the number of players allowed on the field at any one time (12 in a Canadian Football team versus 11 in an American Football team), but also in the size of the field (a Canadian Football field is 110 yards long with two 20-yard endzones, while an American Football field is 100 yards long with two 15 yard endzones). Canadian Football teams also have only three downs (attempts) in which to gain 10 yards or the ball is turned over as opposed to four downs in American Football. There is also the possibility of scoring a “Rouge” in Canadian Football – this happens when the ball is kicked through the back of the endzone, and is worth one point.



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