Carrickfergus Knights Shamrock Bowl Winners 2002

Carrickfergus Knights Irish American Football Team Roster and Match Reports 2002

Carrickfergus Knights Team Helmet [Ref: 19]

IAFL Division 1 2002

*University of Limerick Vikings6510726410
*Carrickfergus Knights6420167468
Dublin Dragons624054954
Dublin Rebels6150401282
DateHome Team Away Team 
 Shamrock Bowl XVI   
16.06.02UL Vikings0Carrickfergus Knights66

Regular Season

Week 2, 24 March 2002

UL Vikings 12 Carrickfergus Knights 6 – In Week 2, two runs from Thomas Conneely gave UL Vikings victory over Carrickfergus Knights. QB Stephen McDowell opened the scoring in the first quarter for the Knights, leading them on an impressive drive, ending a short Touchdown pass to Ian McIlroy. The Knights threatened throughout the first half but the Vikings managed to keep them from scoring again. The Limerick students were much better in the second half, putting together an 80-yard drive to set up a 12-yard Touchdown run by Tommy Conneely, who scored again with a 66-yard run this time, after a Knights punt gave the Vikings back the ball. Defense held strong for the Vikings, led by American Beau D’Arcy, who intercepted the ball on his own 15-yard line to prevent an equalising score from Carrickfergus. [17]

At University of LimerickQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Carrickfergus Knights60006
University of Limerick Vikings0012012
Reference: [4; 8]
1st Quarter 
CARIan McIlroy 17yd Pass from Stephen McDowell6-0
3rd Quarter 
ULVTommy Conneely 8yd Run6-6
ULVTommy Conneely 66yd Run6-12

Week 5, 21 April 2002

Carrickfergus Knights 18 Dublin Dragons 6 – At Woodburn RFC, Carrickfergus -Carrickfergus Knights got started in week 5, winning 18-6 over the Dragons, scoring with an Ian McIlroy Pass from Stephen McDowell, Run from Pete Watt and Interception Return from Harris in a total team performance.

At Woodburn RFC, CarrickfergusQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Dublin Dragons06006
Carrickfergus Knights666018
Reference: [5; 12]
1st Quarter 
CARMark Harris, Fumble Return0-6
2nd Quarter 
CARPete Watt 6yd Run0-12
DRAUlli Zinnecker 4yd Run6-12
3rd Quarter 
CARIan McIlroy 37yd Pass from Stephen McDowell6-18

Week 7, 5 May 2002

Carrickgfergus Knights 36 Dublin Rebels 6 – At Woodburn RFC, Carrickfergus – In Week 7, Carrickfergus Knights let rip against the Rebels, scoring on two TD Passes from McDowell to McIlroy, and three rushing TDs, from McDowell, Shaw and Watt, with the Rebels only mustering a single TD from Brian Dennehy in reply.

At Woodburn RFC, CarrickfergusQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Dublin Rebels00606
Carrickfergus Knights8148636
Reference: [5]
1st Quarter 
CARPete Watt 6yd Run, C.McDowell 2xpt0-8
2nd Quarter 
CARIan McIlroy 40 yd Pass from Stephen McDowell, C. McDowell 2xpt0-16
CARMcIlroy 1yd Pass from Stephen McDowell0-22
3rd Quarter 
REBDennehy 1yd Run, 2xpt good8-22
CARStephen McDowell 1yd Run, Watt 2xpt8-30
4th Quarter 
CARShaw Run8-36

Week 8, 12 May 2002

UL Vikings 14 Carrickfergus Knights 6 – At UL Sports Grounds, Limerick – Week 8 was another close UL Vikings – Carrickfergus match-up with Wesley Galt opening the scoring for the Vikings on a 36 yard Pass from Dutter. Pete Watt’s run levelled the scores with both TDs converted for two points. The winning score came in the fourth quarter, Cosgrave going in for UL.

At UL Sports Grounds, LimerickQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Carrickfergus Knights00808
University of Limerick Vikings800614
Reference: [1]
1st Quarter 
ULVGalt, 36yd Pass from Dutter, Conneely, 2xpt0-8
3rd Quarter 
CARWatt, 2yd Run, McDowell 2xpt8-8
4th Quarter 
ULVCosgrave, 1yd Run8-14

Week 10, 26 May 2002

Carrickfergus Knights 46 Dublin Rebels 6 -Pete Watt was the outstanding player in the Week 10 game between Carrickfergus Knights and the Dublin Rebels, scoring four TD Runs as the Knights were beginning to stamp their dominance on the league, winning 46-6.

Dublin Rebels    6
Carrickfergus Knights    46
Reference: [13]
CARPete Watt Run 
CARPete Watt Run 
CARPete Watt Run 
CARPete Watt Run 
CARDimple Pass from Stephen McDowell 
CARClint McDowell Pass from Stephen McDowell 
CARIan McIlroy 2xpt 
CARPaul McKillop 2xpt 

Week 11, 2 June 2002

Carrickfergus Knights 53 Dublin Dragons 0 – Carrickfergus again showed why they were noew the team to be reckoned with as they thrashed the Dublin Dragons 53-0 in Week 11. Clint McDowell scored on two Runs, McIlroy ran in two TDs and caught another, while McKillop, Robinson and Dimple also got on the scoresheet.

Dublin Dragons00000
Carrickfergus Knights201401953
Reference: [6; 16]
1st Quarter 
CARClint McDowell 41yd Run0-6
CARMcKillop 28yd Pass from Stephen McDowell0-12
CARDimple 13yd Run, Clint McDowell 2xpt0-20
2nd Quarter 
CARClint McDowell 45yd Run0-26
CARSafety – Punt snapped out of endzone0-28
CARIan McIlroy 34yd Run0-34
4th Quarter 
CARIan McIlroy 15yd Run0-40
CARIan McIlroy 21yd Pass from Stephen McDowell, Stephen McDowell xpt kick0-47
CARScott Robinson 27yd Int Return0-53

Final League Table

*University of Limerick Vikings6510726410
*Carrickfergus Knights6420167468
Dublin Dragons624054954
Dublin Rebels6150401282


Shamrock Bowl XVI

UL Vikings 0 Carrickfergus Knights 66 – University Bowl, Limerick The Shamrock Bowl was a blowout, Carrickfergus Knights winning 66-0, with Clint McDowell scoring three TDs, Paul McKillop and Shaw two each, and Watt and McIlroy also Running into the Endzone for TDs. The Carrickfergus defence also got in on the scoring two safeties.

University Bowl, LimerickQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Carrickfergus Knights202618266
University of Limerick Vikings00000
Reference : [3; 15]
1st Quarter 
CARWillian Shaw 12yd Run, Pete Watt 2xpt8-0
CARClint McDowell 34yd Run14-0
CARClint McDowell 15yd Pass from Stephen McDowell20-0
2nd Quarter 
CARClint McDowell 53yd Run, Pete Watt 2xpt28-0
CARPete Watt. 7yd Run34-0
CARWillian Shaw 16yd Run40-0
CARPaul McKillop 1yd Pass from Stephen McDowell46-0
3rd Quarter 
CARIan McIlroy 4yd Run, Pete Watt 2xpt54-0
CARPaul McKillop 6yd Run, Pete Watt 2xpt62-0
CARMark Banks Safety64-0
4th Quarter 
CARSpencer McDowell Safety on Punt66-0

Team Roster 2002

12Stephen McDowellQuarterback
22Mark WarbeyFree Safety
23Clint McDowellRunning Back
24Mark PollockCornerback
26Ian McIlroyWide Receiver
33Neil OsborneTight End
34Ron SmythTight End
35Paul McKillopWide Receiver
37Adam DevenneyFree Safety
38Pete WattFull Back
39Mark HarrisLinebacker
40Jonathan BeattieWide Receiver
42Mark BanksLinebacker
43Keith McBurneyRunning Back
50Scott RobinsonLinebacker
56Russell FultonGuard
63Alan KelleyTackle
65Chris DavidsonCornerback
68Andrew HudsonGuard
80William ShawWide Receiver
86Josh CrawfordCornerback
94Robert ElliottLinebacker
99Derek MayneDefensive End
Carrickfergus Knights Team Roster 2002 [Ref: 18]

Coaches and Management 2002

Coach / Manager *Name
Head CoachMark Harris
ChairmanDerek Mayne
Vice ChairmanScott Robinson
Carrickfergus Knights Coaches and Mangement 2002 [Ref; 18]
Carrickfergus Knights Team Photo – Shamrock Bowl XVI 2002 [Ref: 20]

Season Report

The Carrickfergus Knights won their third Shamrock Bowl with a record 66-0 victory over the University of Limerick Vikings. They had started the sason with a 12-6 loss to the Vikings, before beating the Dublin Dragons 18-6 and the Dublin Rebels 36-8. In the second half of the season theyy lost again to the Vikings 14-8, before again winning against the Rebels 46-6 and the Dragons 53-0, setting up the Showdown with the Vikings in Shamrock Bowl XVI. The Vikings, however, were without their star American students, who had returned to the United States of America after the College year had ended, and were no match for the on-fire Knights.



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Thanks to Cillian Smith, Michael Smith, Michael Brophy and Ralph Schmeer of the Irish American Football Association and Irish American Football Officials Association.

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