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Carrickfergus Knights 2nds Irish 8-a-side American Football Team 1998-present


Carrickfergus Knights Logo [Ref: 8]

IAFL DV8 Team 1998-2012

Home Ground: Woodburn Road, Carrickfergus (East Antrim / Co. Antrim)

Colours: Yellow Shirts, Yellow Pants, Yellow Helmets.

Honours: Undefeated with a 2-0 Record in 1998, 2003, 2010 & 2011

Career Record (W-L-T): Total: / Regular Season: 11-2-1

History: Carrickfergus Knights were started out of a Junior Kitted team, the Prospect Pumas in 1994. In 1998 they played in a 7-a-side blitz in Queens University, beating both the hosts and the Belfast Lasers. In 2003 they entered the IAFL Division 2, which was set up at giving second string players in Division 1 teams and teams with smaller squads from smaller towns a chance at playing football. They could claim to have won the unofficial 2nds teams title this year, as well as in 2010 and 2011, with perfect 2-0 records. They also entered Blitzes in Carrickfergus (going 1-1-1) in 2007 and  Hollywood Road, Belfast (Charity Shield) in 2010. Their last season so far was in 2012 when they again won two games, but lost their third heavily to Belfast Trojans 2nds.

Home Grounds (Woodburn Road, Carrickfergus)

Year-by-Year Record

LgeRS W-L-TPctPS W-L-TChpInt W-L-TInt Chp

Legend: DV8 = DV8 7v7 or 8v8 Development Blitz. DL = DV8 Development League. RS = regular Season. PS = Postseason. Int = Internationals. W-L-T = Wins-Losses-Ties. Pct = winning Percentage. Chp = Championships Won.

Results AFAI DV8 1998-99

120.09.1998QUBQueens University Belfast BroncosW6-0
120.09.1998QUBBelfast LasersW20-0

[Ref: 1]

Results IAFA Division 2 2003

1817.08.2003ABelfast BullsW30-0
1924.08.2003ACraigavon CowboysW26-22

[Ref: 2]

Results IAFA DV8 Blitzes 2007

216.09.2007CKBelfast Trojans 2ndsL
216.09.2007CKBelfast Bulls 2ndsT
216.09.2007CKCraigavon Cowboys 2ndsW

Legend: CK = Carrickfergus.

[Ref: 3]

Results IAFA DV8 Development League 2010

614.07.2010HTullamore PhoenixW7-0
822.08.2010ATullamore PhoenixW33-0

[Ref: 4]

Results IAFA DV8 Blitz 2010

129.08.2010HRBDublin Rebels 2nds
129.08.2010HRBBelfast Trojans 2nds
129.08.2009HRBCraigavon Cowboys 2nds

[Ref: 5]

Results IAFA DV8 Development League 2011

814.08.2011HDrogheda LightningW25-6
921.08.2011HTullamore PhoenixW18-0


Results IAFA DV8 Development League 2012

529.07.2012ADrogheda LightningW34-20
712.08.2012ATullamore Phoenix 2ndsW14-0
819.08.2012ABelfast Trojans 2ndsL0-41

[Ref: 7]



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