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Pacific Coast League Baseball Champions 1903-Present

Pacific Coast League Baseball Logo [Ref: 2]

PCL Champions 1903-Present

1903Los Angeles Angels13378.630
1904Tacoma Tigers13094.580
1905Los Angeles Angels12094.561
1906Portland Beavers11458.663
1907Los Angeles Angels11574.608
1908Los Angeles Angels11078.585
1909San Francisco Seals13280.623
1910Portland Beavers11487.567
1911Portland Beavers11379.589
1912Oakland Oaks12083.591
1913Portland Beavers10986.559
1914Portland Beavers11384.574
1915San Francisco Seals11889.570
1916Los Angeles Angels11979.601
1917San Francisco Seals11993.561
1918Los Angeles Angels*5844.589
1919Vernon Tigers11170.613
1920Vernon Tigers11088.556
1921Los Angeles Angels10880.574
1922San Francisco Seals12772.638
1923San Francisco Seals12477.617
1924Seattle Indians10991.545
1925San Francisco Seals12477.617
1926Los Angeles Angels12181.599
1927Oakland Oaks12075.615
1928San Francisco Seals12871.643
1929Hollywood Stars11389.559
1930Hollywood Stars11981.595
1931San Francisco Seals10780.572
1932Portland Beavers11178.587
1933Los Angeles Angels 11473.610
1934Los Angeles Angels13750.733
1935San Francisco Seals10370.595
1936Portland Beavers9679.549
1937San Diego Padres9781.545
1938Los Angeles Angels10573.590
1939Seattle Rainiers10173.580
1940Seattle Rainiers11266.629
1941Seattle Rainiers10470.598
1942Sacramento Solons10573.590
1943Los Angeles Angels11045.710
1944Los Angeles Angels9970.586
1945Portland Beavers11268.622
1946San Francisco Seals11568.628
1947Los Angeles Angels10681.567
1948Oakland Oaks11474.606
1949Hollywood Stars10978.583
1950Oakland Oaks11474.606
1951Seattle Rainiers9968.593
1952Hollywood Stars10971.606
1953Hollywood Stars10674.589
1954San Diego Padres10267.604
1955Seattle Rainiers9577.552
1956Los Angeles Angels10761.637
1957San Francisco Seals10167.637
1958Phoenix Giants8965.578
1959Salt Lake City Bees8569.552
1960Spokane Indians9261.601
1961Tacoma Giants9757.630
1962San Diego Padres9361.604
1963Oklahoma City 89ers8474.532
1964San Diego Padres9361.604
1965Oklahoma City 89ers9154.628
1966Seattle Angels8365.561
1967San Diego Padres8563.574
1968Tulsa Oilers9553.642
1969Tacoma Cubs8660.589
1970Spokane Indians9452.644
1971Salt Lake City Angels7868.534
1972Albuquerque Dukes9256.622
1973Spokane Indians8163.563
1974Spokane Indians7864.549
1975Hawaii Islanders8856.611
1976Hawaii Islanders7768.511
1977Phoenix Giants8159.579
1978Albuquerque Dukes /
Tacoma Yankees**
1979Salt Lake City Gulls8068.541
1980Albuquerque Dukes8562.578
1981Albuquerque Dukes9438.712
1982Albuquerque Dukes8558.594
1983Portland Beavers8558.594
1984Edmonton Trappers6973.486
1985Vancouver Canadians7964.552
1986Las Vegas Stars8062.563
1987Albuquerque Dukes7765.542
1988Las Vegas Stars7466.529
1989Vancouver Canadians7369.514
1990Albuquerque Dukes7765.542
1991Tucson Toros7961.564
1992Colorado Springs Sky Sox8457.596
1993Tucson Toros8360.580
1994Albuquerque Dukes8356.597
1995Colorado Springs Sky Sox7766.538
1996Edmonton Trappers8458.592
1997Edmonton Trappers8064.556
1998New Orleans Zephyrs7666.535
1999Vancouver Canadians8458.592
2000Memphis Redbirds8361.576
2001New Orleans Zephyrs /
Tacoma Rainers***
2002Edmonton Trappers8159.579
2003Sacramento River Cats9252.639
2004Sacramento River Cats7965.549
2005Nashville Sounds7569.521
2006Tucson Sidewinders9153.632
2007Sacramento River Cats8460.583
2008Sacramento River Cats8361.576
2009Memphis Redbirds7767.535
2010Tacoma Rainiers7469.517
2011Omaha Storm Chasers7963.556
2012Reno Aces8163.563
2013Omaha Storm Chasers7074.486
2014Omaha Storm Chasers7667.531
2015Fresno Grizzlies8459.587
2016El Paso Chihuahuas7370.510
2017Memphis Redbirds9150.645
2018Memphis Redbirds8357.593
2019Sacramento River Cats7367.521
Pacific Coast League Baseball Champions 1903-Present [Ref: 1]

*League play was suspended on July q14 due to wartime travel restrictions.

**Declared Co-Champions due to continuous rain in the playoffs

***Declared Co-Champions due to September 11 Attacks.


The Pacific Coast League is currently one of three Triple-A (AAA) Baseball Leagues (2nd Level), in the Minor League Baseball System, along with the International League and the Mexican League. The winners play for the Triple-A Championship with the winners of the International League.

The Pacific Coast League is based primarily West of the Mississippi, but was once just located along the Pacific Coast of the United States, from Seattle to San Diego.

Major League Baseball has reused the names Los Angeles Angels and San Diego Padres from the Pacific Coast League, which were essentially promotions for those organisations, even though they are counted as separate teams and organisations.



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