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SAFSrbija (Serbian American Football League) 2004-2006

SAFSrbija Logo [References: 1]

SAFS League 2004

Kragujevac Wildboars (C)4400102241.000
Beograd Vukovi (P)431010052.750
Sirmium Legionaires (P)42207566.500
Pancevo Panthers41304698.250
Nis Steeds404025108.000
[References: 2]
DateHome TeamAway Team
16.10.2004Beograd Vukovi24Sirmium Legionaires0
Serbian Bowl I
07.11.2004Kragujevac Wildboars21Beograd Vukovi6
[References: 2]

SAFS Cup 2005

Group 1-3
Beograd Vukovi (C)4400189138
Kragujevac Wildboars4310210326
Sirmium Legionaires4220261474
Group 4-6
Novi Sad Dukes431082706
Kraljevo Royal Crowns422015804
Pancevo Panthers413057582
Group 7-10
Beograd Blue Dragons32102644
Nis Steeds303081490
Mad Dogs #20206440
Pozarevac Outlaws #20200840
[References: Compiled from results and Table in 4]

note: Teams divided into 3 Groups for first phase, playing two games each within group. First places went into Group 1-3 for second phase, playing 2 more games within their group; second places within first phase groups went into Group 4-6 for second phase and so on. #Mad Dogs and Pozarevac Outlaws did not take part in second phase.

SAFS 2006

Sever (North)
Klek Knights (C)4400124191.000
Pancevo Panthers (P)43107461.750
Sombor Celtis (P)42207269.500
Sabac Sharks41304693.250
Kula Hunters404028102.000
Jug (South)
Kraljevo Royal Crowns (C)550020481.000
Pozarevic Outlaws (P)541013388.800
Elektrikar (P)532013296.600
Smederovo Bedemi51311977.300
Obrenovac Sky Thunder513150131.300
Jagodina Red Celts505032170.000
[References: 5; PF-PA Compiled from Results in 6]
DateHome TeamAway Team
03.09.2006Pozarevic Outlaws13Sombor Celtis20
09.09.2006Pancevo Panthers36Elektrikar15
16.09.2006Klek Knights20Sombor Celtis7
24.09.2006Kraljevo Royal Crowns12Pancevo Panthers0
Serbian Bowl II
15.10.2006Klek Knights16Kraljevo Royal Crowns7
[References: 6]


The SAFSrbija – Serbian American Football League was inaugurated in 2004, playing what appears to have been unkitted contact American Football. Kragujevac Wildboars defeated Beograd Vukovi (Wolves) 21-6 in Serbian Bowl I (also possibly known as American Bowl I). The 2005 season saw an expansion to 10 teams, necessitating a two-phase league, with teams divided into three groups, followed by a second phase whereby the top team in each group played a further match against the other (Group 1-3) as did the 4 to 6 Group and 7-10 Group. The deciding match in Group 1-3 was the Final match won 20-7 by Vukovi over Wild Boars.

In 2006 the top teams Kragujevac Wild Boars, Beograd Vukovi, Sirmium Legionaires and Novi Sad Dukes all left SAFSrbija to join the Central European Football League (also known as the South East League of American Football) which was fully kitted, helmet and pads Football, featuring teams from Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Serbia, and Romania. That year SAFSrbija played a two-division set-up with the Northern (Sever) Champions Klek Knights defeating Southern (Jug) Champions Kraljevo Royal Crowns 16-7 in Serbian Bowl II. For 2007 the SAFSrbija League was divided between a fully kitted helmets and pads league and an unkitted contact league, with a Playoff between the top two teams in the SAFSrbija League and the top two teams in SELAF (CAFL) for the National Championship of Serbia (see following years).

Of note to Irish readers is the presence of two teams named after Celts: the Jagodina Red Celts (also translated as Strawberry Celts) and Sombor Celtis. Sombor played one season in 2006 finishing with a 2-2 record, losing 20-7 in the Semi-Finals to eventual winners Klek Knights. Jagodina Red Celts played in 2005 and 2006 in the unkitted divisions, losing all games both seasons and then in 2007 joining the fully-kitted division (see following years).



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