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National Gridiron League 2020

National Gridiron League Logo [Ref: 3]


EFC North Division
Dayton Firebirds
Indiana Blue Bombers
Pittsburgh Pioneers
EFC South Division
Atlanta Wildcats
Virginia Beach Destroyers
Virginia Iron Horses
WFC North
Arkansas Twisters
Kansas City Kapitals
St. Louis Stampede
WFC South
Baton Rouge Redsticks
Houston Bighorns
Mississippi Mudcats
National Gridiron League Standings 2020 [Ref: 1]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
21.05.2020Pittsburgh PioneersVirginia Beach Destroyers
22.05.2020Kansas City KapitalsArkansas Twisters
23.05.2020Baton Rouge RedsticksHouston Bighorns
23.05.2020Indiana Blue BombersVirginia Iron Horses
23.05.2020Dayton FirebirdsAtlanta Wildcats
23.05.2020St. Louis StampedeMississippi Mudcats
Week 2
30.05.2020Arkansas TwistersAtlanta Wildcats
30.05.2020Indiana Blue BombersMississippi Mudcats
30.05.2020Baton Rouge RedsticksKansas City Kapitals
31.05.2020Houston BighornsVirginia Iron Horses
31.05.2020Dayton FirebirdsPittsburgh Pioneers
02.06.2020Virginia Beach DestroyersSt. Louis Stampede
Week 3
06.06.2020St. Louis StampedeVirginia Iron Horses
06.06.2020Arkansas Twisters Indiana Blue Bombers
06.06.2020Mississippi MudcatsAtlanta Wildcats
06.06.2020Dayton FirebirdsKansas City Kapitals
06.06.2020Pittsburgh PioneersBaton Rouge Redsticks
07.06.2020Houston BighornsVirginia Beach Destroyers
Week 4
13.06.2020St. Louis StampedeIndiana Blue Bombers
13.06.2020Virginia Iron HorsesMississippi Mudcats
14.06.2020Atlanta WildcatsPittsburgh Pioneers
14.06.2020Virginia Beach DestroyersDayton Firebirds
14.06.2020Kansas City KapitalsHouston Bighorns
14.06.2020Baton Rouge RedsticksArkansas Twisters
Week 5
18.06.2020Atlanta WildcatsSt. Louis Stampede
20.06.2020Kansas City KapitalsVirginia Iron Horses
20.06.2020Pittsburgh PioneersHouston Bighorns
20.06.2020Mississippi MudcatsBaton Rouge Redsticks
20.06.2020Virginia Beach DestroyersArkansas Twisters
21.06.2020Indiana Blue BombersDayton Firebirds
Week 6
27.06.2020Indiana Blue BombersAtlanta Wildcats
27.06.2020Houston BighornsMississippi Mudcats
27.06.2020Virginia Iron HorsesBaton Rouge Redsticks
28.06.2020St. Louis StampedePittsburgh Pioneers
28.06.2020Dayton FirebirdsArkansas Twisters
28.06.2020Virginia Beach DestroyersKansas City Kapitals
Week 7
03.07.2020Pittsburgh PioneersIndiana Blue Bombers
04.07.2020Baton rouge RedsticksVirginia Beach Destroyers
05.07.2020Virginia Iron HorsesAtlanta Wildcats
05.07.2020Houston BighornsDayton Firebirds
05.07.2020St. Louis StampedeKansas City Kapitals
05.07.2020Arkansas TwistersMississippi Mudcats
Week 8
11.07.2020St. Louis StampedeDayton Firebirds
11.07.2020Indiana Blue BombersBaton Rouge Redsticks
11.07.2020Houston BighornsArkansas Twisters
11.07.2020Kansas City KapitalsMississippi Mudcats
12.07.2020Atlanta WildcatsVirginia Beach Detroyers
12.07.2020Virginia Iron HorsesPittsburgh Pioneers
Week 9
16.07.2020Mississippi MudcatsVirginia Beach Destroyers
16.07.2020Baton Rouge RedsticksSt. Louis Stampede
18.07.2020Virginia Iron HorsesDayton Firebirds
18.07.2020Kansas City KapitalsIndiana Blue Bombers
18.07.2020Pittsburgh PioneersArkansas Twisters
19.07.2020Atlanta WildcatsHouston Bighorns
Week 10
22.07.2020Houston BighornsSt. Louis Stampede
25.07.2020Virginia Beach DestroyersIndiana Blue Bombers
25.07.2020Arkansas TwistersVirginia Iron Horses
25.07.2020Atlanta WildcatsKansas City Kapitals
25.07.2020Dayton FirebirdsBaton Rouge Redsticks
26.07.2020Mississippi MudcatsPittsburgh Pioneers
Week 11
30.07.2020Arkansas TwistersSt. Louis Stampede
01.08.2020Baton Rouge RedsticksAtlanta Wildcats
01.08.2020Virginia Beach DestroyersVirginia Destroyers
01.08.2020Indiana Blue BombersHouston Bighorns
01.08.2020Pittsburgh PioneersKansas City Kapitals
02.08.2020Mississippi MudcatsDayton Firebirds
Nation Gridiron League Regular Season Results 2020 [Ref: 2]

About the National Gridiron League

The National Gridiron League is an American Arena Football League scheduled to begin play in May 2020. It has 12 teams situated in the South and Midwest.

About Arena / Indoor Football

Indoor Football, also known as Arena Football was developed in 1986 as an 8v8 form of Indoor American Football. After an initial few seasons where the game was developed with a 4 team league, a full seasons League with eventually over a dozen teams was developed in the 1990 which was considered by the Wall Street Journal to be a fifth major.

The Arena Football League over-expanded in the 2000s with a Minor League, and its importance (and number of teams) waned since it first experienced financial diffulties  in 2009, and it ceased operations after the 2019 season due to the legacy debt incurred.

There is now, however, Indoor Football Leagues all over America, all of which would now be considered Minor League or Semi-Pro (AAA, AA, or even A)

Indoor Football is played on a 50-yard field with two 8-yard endzones, and teams have 5 downs (attempts) to reach the endzone or the ball is turned over. 3 of those downs must be passing plays, making Indoor Football highly explosive and high scoring.

The main difference between Arena Football & Indoor Football is the rebound nets either side of the goalposts in Arena Football, which is the only part of the original patent given to the Arena Football League in 1989, that a subsequent ruling in 1998 ruled was copyright, the rest being Football already in other leagues.



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