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Southern Professional Hockey League 2019-20

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Pensacola Ice Flyers
Macon Mayhem
Knoxville Ice Bears
Fayetteville Marksmen
Huntsville Havoc
Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgz
Birmingham Bulls
Evansville Thunderbolts
Peoria Rivermen
Quad City Storm

Reference: [1]


DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
18.10.201919:30Birmingham BullsHuntsville Havoc
18.10.201919:30Macon MayhemFayetteville Marksmen
18.10.201919:30Knoxville Ice BearsEvansville Thunderbolts
18.10.201919:30Pensacola Ice FlyersRoanoke Rail Yard Dawgz
19.10.201918:00Fayetteville MarksmenKnoxville Ice Bears
19.10.201919:00Macon MayhemHunstville Havoc
19.10.201919:05Pensacola Ice FlyersRoanoke Rail Yard Dawgz
19.10.201919:15Evansville ThunderboltsBirmingham Bulls
19.10.201919:15Peoria RivermenQuad City Storm

Reference: [2]


The Southern Professional Hockey League is an A Advanced Ice Hockey League aligned with the National Hockey League. It would be the same level (Level 4) as the Elite Ice Hockey League in Britain & Ireland and the Australian Ice Hockey League.



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