A number of Sports closely related to the Gaelic Games of Ireland are played throughout the Celtic or Atlantic Nations on the Western Seaboard of Europe:

Below you will find links to the various competitions in the following sports:

Basque Pelota is similar to Handball, but played with a curved glove. Scottish Shinty is a version of Hurling played mostly in the Gaelic-speaking parts of the Scottish Highlands & Isles. Welsh Baseball is Wales’ Celtic Game and is their version of Rounders. Other uncodified versions of Hurling are Cammag played on the Isle of Man, and also Cornish Hurling (more like a version of Rugby) played in Cornwall, as well as Cumbrian Uppies & Downies and various versions of these sports played in Northumberland, Orkney Islands, Lincolnshire & Derbyshire.

Basque Pelota


Welsh Baseball

Manx Cammag

Cornish Hurling

As well as the above versions of Handball, Hurling and Rounders, Gaelic Football is played in Galicia (Northwest Iberia) and Brittany (Northwest France) which are historically Celtic-speaking areas. The Sport is played entirely by natives in villages in those two Celtic Nations.

Breton Football

Galician Football