GAA World

A number of Traditional GAA Sports are played in Ireland and abroad, including the Traditional Celtic Sports of the Basque Country, Scotland and Wales.

Below you will find Links to the Results & Tables of the Following Sports:

GAA World:

Handball Handball is one of the four original GAA Charter Sports included in 1884 when the GAA was founded. It is described on its website as the only real World GAA Sport, with the game being played throughout Western Europe, North & Central America and Australasia.

GAA Football World: Gaelic Football is played throughout the World with a British Provincial Council (Counties London, Warwickshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire and Scotland), and a World Council (Counties New York, United States, Canada, Europe, Australasia, Asia, Middle East). The GAA holds a World Games every year which is essentially the Provincial Championship for the World Counties as well as a British Provincial Championship.

New York, London, Warwickshire & Lancashire also take part in the All-Ireland Championships at Senior and Junior Levels. The game is also played in Wales, Africa, Russia, Argentina and the Caribbean though these are not big enough yet for their own county status. County Championships are held in each County.

GAA Hurling World: Hurling is played throughout the World with a British Provincial Council and World Council like in Gaelic Football.

Rounders Rounders is the ancestor of Baseball & Softball and was probably brought over to america by Irish or British emigrants. The sport is one of the original GAA Charter sports of 1884, and is also played in English, welsh and Australian schools, with Internationals held between Ireland, England and Wales.

Non-Traditional GAA

International Rules: International Rules is played between Ireland and the Basque Country in Handball-Pelota, Ireland and Australia in Interational Rules Football,Ireland and Scotland in Hurling-Shinty,while a number of Rounders-Baseball, Rounders-Softball and Hurlacrosse matches have taken place.

Poc Fada: Poc Fada is featured in Irish Myth & Legend, whereby a players have to usea Hurley to hit a ball up the side of a Mountain and down the other side in as few ‘pucks’ as possible. It is the Irish version of Golf.

Celtic Sports:

Shinty: Shinty is the Traditional Gaelic Game of Scotland.

Basque Pelota: Pelota the traditional game of the Basque Country, their version of Handball.

Welsh Baseball; Welsh Baseball (a form of Rounders) is the Traditional Celtic Game of Wales.