Combat Sports

Variations on Boxing include Olympic / Professional Boxing, Bare-Knuckle Boxing (currently not sanctioned), UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and Kickboxing


Irish Athletic Boxing Association

Ireland’s most successful Olympic Sport.

Irish Athletic Boxing Association

Irish Athletic Boxing Association Irish Olympic Medal Winners 1952-Present

Strandja Multi-Nations Sofia Bulgaria (Years): 2020

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Wrestling (Greco-Roman)

Irish Amateur Wrestling Association

Olympic Wrestling is the version which dates back to Ancient Greece and Rome and the original Olympic Games. It is the version in the Modern Olympics also.

Competitive Wresling dates back to at least the Original Olympic Games in Athens, Ancient Greece. Another Ancient versions of Wrestling is Sumo (Japan). Modern versions include Olympic (Greco-Roman), WWE (American), Lucha Libre (Mexico), and indeed also Mud Wrestling (England) and Jelly Wrestling (Ireland). This page focuses on the Greco-Roman Wrestling, for other versions see Irish Combat Sports, British Combat Sports, American Combat Sports and World Combat Sports.

Irish Amateur Wrestling Association Events:

Irish Open (Years): 2019

Dublin Freestyle Open (Years): 2019

Picture Credit: [2] Irish Amateur Wrestling Association (2019) about_us [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 23 November 2020]


Fencing Ireland

Fencing Ireland organises a number of tournaments per year.

FI Medal Winners (Major Tournaments) (Seasons): 2018-19

FI Rankings Men’s Epee (End-of-Season): 2019-20

FI Medal Winners Men’s Epee (Seasons): 2018-19

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Irish Kenpo Karate Union; International Japan Karate Association Ireland

International Japan Karate Association Ireland

IJKAI Irish National Championships (Years): 2000

Irish Kenpo Karate Union

IKKU Open (Years): 2019

IKKU Invitational (Years): 2015

I-Karate Global

I-Karate Global World Cup (Editions): 2018

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Irish Taekwon-Do Association Logo


Irish Taekwon-Do Association

Irish Taekwon-Do Association

ITA Irish Cup & National Championships (Years): 2016

Picture Credit: [1] Irish Taekwon-Do Association (2016) ITA+Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 28 April 2021]


WWE World Wrestling Entertainment

World Wrestling Entertainment is the Modern American made-for-TV version of wrestling.

WWE World Wrestling Entertainment Irish Wrestlers 2001-Present

Picture credit: [3] Becky Lynch WWE Facebook (2020) Photo, January 21, 2020 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 1 February 2020]

UFC (America)

Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship Irish Fighters


[1] Conor McGregor Facebook (2016) Profile Picture, March 26, 2016 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 1 February 2020]


ITV Gladiators

Gladiating is a fun version of the ancient Roman military combat as was seen on US and British TV Programs from the 1990s onwards.

Various types of combat or adventure-like tasks are engaged in by teams of players.

Irish Gladiator Contestants:

Audrey Garland Irish-born Gladiators Contestant 1997

There are a couple of venues in Ireland where people can engage in Gladiator Weekends:

Adventure Park (Watergrasshill, Co. Cork):

Team Building Ireland (Kippure, Blessington, Co. Wicklow):

Picture Credit: ITV Gladiators

Boxing-UFC Compromise Rules

Boxing-UFC Compromise Rules.

Irish Combat Sports include Boxing-UFC Compromise Rules; Bare-Knuckle Boxing (no longer sanctioned in Ireland but still sanctioned in 3 American States); and Jelly Wrestling (Not Sanctioned).

Modified Rules Boxing – Floyd Mayweather Jr versus Conor McGregor

Picture Credit: [1] Conor McGregor Facebook (2016) Profile Picture, March 26, 2016 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 1 February 2020]

photo of men holding weapons

Medieval Armoured Combat

Medieval Armoured Combat Ireland

Medieval Armoured Combat involves Knights, dressed up in Armour for the occasion, fighting each other using lances and swords and other weapons.

MACI Claregalway Castle Group Fights (Internationals)(Years):2017

Kickboxing (Thailand)

Kickboxing Ireland

Kickboxing originated in Thailand. Kicks as wel as punches are allowed, as are a variety of weapons.

Galway International Kickboxing Challenge (Years): 1998

Kickboxing Ireland Award Winners (Years): 2019

Picture credit: [3] Kickboxing Ireland (2014) light_slide [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 15 October 2020]

Sumo (Japan)

Sumo World Championships

John Gunning was the first Irishman to compete in the Sumo World Championships for Ireland.

Irish International Sumo Wrestlers

John Gunning Irish Sumo Wrestler

Sumo Reference

I have it on the authority of John Gunning that this Referece website is one of the best ever. The German who compiled it went through over 100 years of Japanese Newspapers. It cnntains the results of every Japanese Sumo bout ever recorded back to early 1900s or before. 

Sumo Reference:

[5] Irish Independent (2019) John Gunning [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 1 February 2020]

Lucha Libre (Mexico)


Mexican version of WWE Wrestling

Triplemania (Bouts): XXIV 2018

Picture Credit: [4] Lucha Libre AAA (2020) Triplemanía-XXIV-15 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 5 October 2020]