Computer Games

Computer sports include Capture the Flag (an Ethical Hacking Computer Sport), Robot Football (teams of motorized robots shunt a ball around an Arena towards goals at either end). Console Games (X-Box and Playstation Sports games such as Madden NFL and FIFA Soccer). Fantasy Sports (where players draft real players in a League, and score points based on how well they perform in real matches). Simulation games (where the information for players is inputted into a computer and then a Computer User v Computer User Simulation takes place).

Capture the Flag

CTF Time

Capture the Flag is Information Security Competitions, a kind of Sport for Computer Combat.

There are three common types of CTF Competitions: Jeopardy, Attack-Defense, and Mixed.

Jeopardy Competitions have a number of Tasks (questions) such as Web, Forensic, Crypto or Binary. Teams gain points for completed tasks, the harder the task, the more points.

Attack-Defense is another scenario, whereby teams have their own network (or only one host) with vulnerable services. Teams have a time limit for developing services and developing exploits. Then the organisers connect the competitors and the Wargame starts. Points are gained for Defense (protecting own services) and Attack (hacking opponents services).

Mixed employ both Jeopardy and Attack-Defense scenarios.

Capture the Flag games touch on a number of different aspects of information security, such as Cryptography, Stego, Binary Analysis, Reverse Engineering and Mobile Security.

CTF Time:

Capture the Flag CTF Time 2014-2019

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Robot Football

United Soccer League eCup Rocket League

The USL eCup Rocket League combines Soccer with rocket-propelled cars. Teams use computer-controlled rocket-propelled cars to try to score more goals than their opponents.

United Soccer League eCup Rocket League Edition 2020

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Console Sports

NBA 2K, American Football Ireland Madden PS4 & X-Box

National Basketball Association 2K League

National Basketball League 2K League 2018-Present

American Football Ireland

American Football Ireland Madden Championship Series 2020

World American Football Madden NFL

Relocation Football League (Madden NFL) 2016-Present

Relocation Football League Season 5 2033 (Real Time 2020)

MUTHEAD Madden Ultimate Team MHL Season 7 2019

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Fantasy Sports

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Fantasy Leagues started in Baseball in USA. They were popularised in Britain & Ireland by David Baddiel & David Skinner in their Channel 4 Comedy Programme, Fantasy Football, during the European Championships of 1996, which England hosted.

They all follow a format whereby players pick a squad from real-life players and are awarded points for how those players do in real life matches (i.e. points are awarded for Goals & Assists in Soccer, as well as points deducted for the defensive players letting in goals.)

As well as numerous online Fantasy Leagues run by the Major League sporting organisations and Big English Sports Leagues, Newspapers run their own Fantasy Competitions ranging from Football to Golf.

Below you will find links to the Results of various Fantasy Leagues in Ireland:

Fantasy American Football (Decade Overviews):

Irish Fantasy League of American Football 1997-2005

Irish Fantasy League of American Football 2006-2015

First Down Fantasy Football

First Down Fantasy Gridiron Ireland 1994-1996

Fantasy NFL

NFL Fantasy Football NFL-Ireland 2015-2018

NFL Fantasy Football AFL Ireland 2020

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Simulated Sports

Irish American Football Association Madden NFL

Irish American Football Association Simulation:

Madden NFL | Irish American Football League | Shamrock Bowl XXII Simulation

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