CONADEIP Categoria Juvenil (Mexican Junior College Football) 2015-2016

CONADEIP 10th Anniversary Logo 2019 [Ref: 1]

CONADEIP Categoria Juvenil 2015

Grupo Independencia (Norte)
*Borregos ITESM Prepa Tec Monterrey55002382310
*Borregos ITESM Guadaljara5410221708
Borregos ITESM Irapuato42201431154
Borregos ITESM Chihuahua5230751994
Borregos ITESM Tampico5140441532
Toros UEA Aguascalientes4040281890
Grupo Revolucion (Centro)
*Borregos ITESM Estado Mexico55001947410
*Borregos ITESM Toluca5320146686
Borregos ITESM Ciudad Mexico5320101876
Tigres Blancos U Madero Puebla53201281326
Borregos ITESM Queretaro5140841702
Borregos ITESM Santa Fe5050351570
CONADEIP Primera Fuerza Grupo Independencia Final Standings 2015 [Ref: 2]
DateHome TeamAway Team
20.03.2015Borregos Prepa Tec31Borregos Toluca10
21.03.2015Borregos CEM24Borregos Guadalajara17
28.03.2015Borregos CEM16Borregos Prepa Tec27
CONADEIP Juvenil Playoffs 2015 [Ref: 3]

CONADEIP Categoria Juvenil 2016

Independencia (Norte)
*Borregos ITESM Prepa Tec Monterrey77001772314
*Aguilas UA Chihuahua761025511012
Borregos ITESM Guadalajara752026211510
Borregos ITESM Chihuahua74301861448
Borregos ITESM Irapuato73401471596
Borregos ITESM Leon7250911504
Borregos ITESM Saltillo7160812222
Borregos ITESM Tampico707063820
Revoolucion (Centro)
*Borregos ITESM Estado Mexico77002046614
*Borregos ITESM Toluca76103023712
Borregos ITESM Santa Fe74301601538
Borregos ITESM Ciudad Mexico74301381338
Borregos ITESM Queretaro73401241736
Tigres Blanco U Madero Puebla7250961634
Borregos ITESM Puebla7160711592
Legionarios U Internacional de Cuernevaca7160492602
CONADEIP Juvenil Final Standings 2016 [Ref: 2]
DateHome TeamAway Team
01.04.2016Borregos Prepa Tec21Borregos Toluca6
02.04.2016Borregos CEM35Aguilas UACH14
08.04.2016Borregos Prepa Tec20Borregos CEM0
CONADEIP Juvenil Playoffs 2016 [Ref: 4]


Borregos Prepa Tec, the Junior College American Football team of ITESM Monterrey, won the CONADEIP Categoria Juvenil (Junior College) Championship in 2015 and 2016, by defeating Borregos CEM (Estado Mexico) 27-16 in the 2015 Final and 20-0 in the 2016 Championship decider.

In 2017 two new Regions were added to the Juvenil Category (Junior College) and the League was no longer National, with two separate regional competitions.

The top Mexican American Football Technological Colleges split away from ONEFA (the Mexican Public University Football Organisation) in 2010 to form their own organisation: CONADEIP. CONADEIP has both a Major (Primera Fuerza) and Junior (Categoria Juvenil) Championship, with the Juvenil Championships regionalised since 2017.



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