CONADEIP (Mexican Tech College Football) 2019-20

CONADEIP X Anniversary Logo 2020 [References: 1]

Categoria Primera Fuerza 2019

*Borregos ITESM Monterrey981024811416
*Aztecas UDLAP972027420614
*Borregos ITESM Puebla963026414312
*Borregos ITESM Toluca94502202218
Borregos Salvajes ITESM Región Cd México92701762724
Borregos ITESM Guadalajara92702102944
*Potros ITSON Obregón752020215510
*Borregos ITESM Querétaro74301431938
Zorros CETYS73401342056
Cimarrones UABC70701452140
CONADEIP (Mexican Tech College Football) Primera Fuerza Standings 2019 [References: 3]
DateHome TeamAway Team
15.11.2019Borregos Monterrey42Borregos Toluca15
16.11.2019Aztecas UDLAP28Borregos Puebla9
15.11.2019Potros ITSON34Borregos Querétaro33
22.11.2019Borregos Monterrey27Aztecas UDLAP13
CONADEIP (Mexican Tech College Football) Primera Fuerza Playoffs 2019 [References: 4]

Categoria Juvenil Unica 2020

Grupo Independencia
*Borregos ITESM Estado Mexico66002055812
*Borregos ITESM Ciudad Mexico64201561138
*Borregos Prepa Tec Monterrey6330146866
*Guerreros Jaguar Colegio SuBiré de Guadalajara63301071246
Borregos ITESM Santa Fe6330771156
Borregos ITESM Guadalajara6150871832
Grupo Revolucion
*Guerreros Colegio Bachilleres de Chihuahua6420127898
*Borregos ITESM Chihuahua6420116938
Linces U-de Valle de México-C. Torreón633077886
Borregos ITESM Laguna6150731232
Grupo Libertad
*Borregos ITESM Toluca66001533512
*Borregos ITESM Querétaro6420136228
Borregos ITESM Pueebla6330121936
Tigres Blancos U Madero Puebla 624058994
Halcones U Interamericana de Puebla6150141592
Mandriles Colegio Stratford de Cuautla6060141870
CONADEIP (Mexican College Football) Juvenil 2020 [References: 2]
DateHome TeamAway Team
01.01.2020Borregos CEMGuerreros Jaguar
01.01.2020Borregos CCMBorregos Prepa Tec
01.01.2020Borregos TolucaBorregos Chihuahua
01.01.2020Guerreros COBACHBorregos Querétaro
CONADEIP (Mexican College Football) Juvenil Playoffs 2020 [References: 2]


The top Mexican American Football Technological Colleges split away from ONEFA (the Mexican Public University Football Organisation) in 2010 to form their own organisation: CONADEIP. Colegio Stratford de Cuautla (Stratford College in Cuautla, Morelos) has the same name as an Irish College in Rathfarnham, Dublin.

Borregos ITESM Monterrey (Independencia) and Potros ITSON Obregón (Libertad) were the two Conference Champions in the Premier League in 2019 (CONADEIP has two Champions). The Junior College playoffs were cancelled due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. Colegio Stratford de Cuautla finished with an 0-6 wins-losses record in the Junior College Category..



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