CONCACAF North & Central America

CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American & Caribbean FA’s)

CONCACAF (the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Football Associations) is the Governing Body for the above mentioned Continent and regions, including the South American Countries of Guyana, French Guiana and Suriname).

CONCACAF’s Primary Competitions are the Gold Cup (CONCACAF Nations Championship) and CONCACAF Club Championship. There are also Regional Associations within CONCACAF such as UNCAF (Central America) and Caribbean.

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FIFA World Cup CONCACAF Qualifiers

FIFA CONCACAF Qualifying Tournaments

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers (Editions): Qatar 2022

International Club Tournaments held in CONCACAF

International Soccer League 1960-1965

United Soccer Association 1967

International Champions Cup (Seasons): 2017

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North American Football Union

Campeones Cup; Leagues Cup

NAFU North American Football Union Campeones Cup 2018-Present

Leagues Cup (Seasons): 2019

NAFU National League Final Tables (Seasons): 1992-93 2013-14 2019-20 2020

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United States Soccer Federation


United States Soccer Leagues (USA):

Eastern Professional Soccer League II 1928-1929

American Soccer League II Champions 1933-1967

North American Soccer League 1967

American Professional Soccer League 1990-1995

Major League Soccer 1996-1997

USSF Divisions 1-5

Major League Soccer [D1] (Seasons): 2021 2020

United Soccer League Championship [D2] (Seasons): 2021 2020

United Soccer League 1 [D3] (Seasons): 2021 2020

United Soccer League 2 [D4] (Seasons): 2021 2020

National Premier Soccer League [D5] (Seasons): 2020

Other USSF Competitions

Major League Soccer (Preseasons): 2021

United States Soccer Werner Fricker Cup 1999-Present

US Soccer Werner Fricker Cup (Seasons): 2017 2019

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UNCAF; CFU and Soccer Canada

UNCAF; CFU; Soccer Canada

UNCAF (Union Centroamericano de Futbol)

Central American Games Soccer Tournament (Editons): 1994

Central American Championship (Editions): 1961

UNCAF Central American National Leagues (Seasons): 2013-14

Canadian Soccer Association

Canadian Premier League [D1] (Seasons): 2020

CFU (Caribbean Football Union)

CFU Shell Caribbean Cup (Editions): 1991

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