CONIFA World Football Cup Africa Qualifying 2018

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Final Standings

Kabylie (Q)*10100030
Matebeleland (Q)*10100030
Somaliland *10100018
Chagos Islands410318
Western Sahara10102
CONIFA World Football Cup Africa Qualifying Final Standings 2018 [Reference: 2]

Note: 3Pts for a Win, 2 Pts for a Draw, 1 Pt for a Loss, with weighting for each result multiplied by x1, x2 or x3. Best 10 results included.

Note 2: *As Kabylie, Matabeleland and Somaliland were all tied on Points, a decision was taken to include all matches played, including those exceeding the 10-match limit:

  1. No of wins: Kabylie 11, Matabeleland 10, Somaliland 10
  2. No. of Draws: Matabeleland, Somaliland 0.


Country-Region/VersusW/LScoreOpp. ValueResult ValueTotal
Chagos Islands18
Tamil EelamL1-5313
Ellan VanninL0-12313
Kurdish Community in WalesW6-1133
Yemen Community in WalesW4-2133
Bangladesh Community in walesW3-0133
Bangladesh CommunityW2-1133
Pakistan CommunityW3-1133
Ganadores FCW4-3133
South Wales PoliceW6-2133
Ganadores FCW2-1133
Heegan FCW3-0133
Heegan FCW4-1133
Western Sahara2
UN Tindouf XID3-3122
Ostesunds FK Academy W6-1133
Ostesunds FK AcademyW4-1133
Ope IFD1-1122
Ostesunds FK AcademyW3-2133
Eagle Life FCW2-1133
Las Palmas FCW3-2133
Eagle Life FCW4-1133
FFA Global MarambaW3-2133
Royal Stars FCW2-1133
Crusaders FCW4-1133
Real Rovers FCW8-1133
Lobengula FCW5-0133
Crusaders FCW3-1133
Royal FCW5-0133
Tala GahiaW4-1133
Ighil BoucheneW7-3133
Ait AbdelmoumeneW4-2133
Tala AthmaneW6-3133
US TiplakinW2-1133
ES Ighil BoucheneW5-1133
JS Air DjennadW133
CONIFA World Football Cup Africa Qualifying 2018 [Reference: 2]


Kabylie qualified for the CONIFA World Cup 2018 from the Africa Zone along with Matabeleland.

Kabylie, from the North African community of Amazigh speakers between the Tell Atlas Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. There are 10 million Kabylie, of whom 2 Million live abroad.

Matabeleland is named after the Ndebele people of Zimbabwe.



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Thanks to Emmanuel, Francesco & Caroline Mitchell.

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