Continental Football Leagues

The first truly Continental Football League was the League of that name which ran from 1965-1969 featuring teams from throughout USA as well as Canada & Mexico. It was followed in the 1970s by the World Football League which aimed at bringing American Football to the World although the closest it got to leaving the United States was putting a team in Hawaii.

The National Football League took note and started promoting the sport in Europe in the late-1970s when the first teams were formed on that continent. From the 1990s onwards Pro Leagues were attempted in first, Europe, and then Asia and Mexico.

Prior the the Pro World League Era the United States Air Force ran a League in Europe, featuring teams based in Air Force Bases in the United Kingdom, Germany & Spain, as well as other Leagues in other parts of the World. These Leagues, however, were not generally promoted to the public and were not played by Native Europeans.

United States Air Force in Europe | United Kingdom Sports Conference 1951-1993

North American Continental Leagues Era:

Continental Football League 1965-1969 (Teams in Toronto, Montreal & Mexico)

World Football League 1974-1975 (Team in Hawaii)

European Continental Leagues Era:

World League of American Football 1991-1992 (Teams in USA, Montreal, Canada)

American Football League of Europe 1994-1995 (Teams in Northern & Central Europe)

World League of American Football 1995-1997 (Teams in Western & Central Europe)

National Football League Europe 1998-2007 (Teams in Germany & Western Europe)

World Continental Football Leagues Era:

Elite Football league of India 2012 (Teams in India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka)

Legends Football League | Australia 2013-2014 (Teams throughout Australia)

Futbol Americano (Mexico) Asociacion 2014-2016 (Teams in Central Mexico)

Liga Futbol Americano (Mexico) 2016-2019 (Teams in Northern & Central Mexico)

China Arena Football League 2016-2019 (Teams throughout China)