Dansk Amerikansk Fodbold Forbund (Denmark) Mermaid Bowl 1988-Present


Mermaid Bowl 1988-Present

1988DMCophenhagen Vikings33Odense Swans6
1989ICophenhagen Vikings17Odense Swans13
1990IIHerning Hawks20Odense Swans14
1991IIIAarhus Tigers27Odense Swans0
1992IVCophenhagen Towers78Herning Hawks50
1993VCophenhagen Towers48Odense Swans33
1994VICophenhagen Towers46Herning Hawks7
1995VIICophenhagen Towers35Aarhus Tigers20
1996VIIIRoskilde Kings62Cophenhagen Towers48
1997IXRoskilde Kings56Kronborg Knights37
1998XAarhus Tigers48Kronborg Knights20
1999XIAarhus Tigers28Kronborg Knights0
2000XIIAarhus Tigers49Roskilde Kings6
2001XIIIRoskilde Kings17Greve Monarchs10
2002XIVAvedore Monarchs27Roskilde Kings25
2003XVAvedore Monarchs28Roskilde Kings14
2004XVIAvedore Monarchs41Herning Hawks12
2005XVIIRoskilde Kings23Kronborg Knights13
2006XVIIITriangle Razorbacks21Kronborg Knights16
2007XIXTriangle Razorbacks32Avedore Monarchs20
2008XXTriangle Razorbacks55Sollerod Gold Diggers24
2009XXISollerod Gold Diggers10Triangle Razorbacks0
2010XXIISollerod Gold Diggers13Triangle Razorbacks0
2011XXIIITriangle Razorbacks35Sollerod Gold Digers31
2012XXIVTriangle Razorbacks34Sollerod Gold Diggers29
2013XXVCophenhagen Towers28Triangle Razorbacks21
2014XXVICophenhagen Towers26Aarhus Tigers3
2015XXVIITriangle Razorbacks21Sollerod Gold Diggers21
2016XXVIIITriangle Razorbacks22Cophenhagen Towers18
2017XXIXCophenhagen Towers20Sollerod Gold Diggers20
2018XXXCophenhagen Towers23Triangle Razorbacks22
2019XXXITriangle Razorbacks20Cophenhagen Towers14
DAFF Mermaid Bowl 1988-Present [Ref: 1]

Composite Standings 1988-Present

Cophenhagen Towers1183
Triangle Razorbacks1284
Aarhus Tigers642
Roskilde Kings743
Avedore / Greve Monarchs532
Cophenhagen Vikings220
Sollerod Gold Diggers725
Herning Hawks413
Kronborg Knights505
Odense Swans505
DAFF Mermaid Bowl Standings 1988-Present [Ref: Compiled from results in 1]


Cophenhagen Towers and Triangle Razorbacks jointly hold the record for Mermaid Bowl wins with eight each since the first Danish American Football Championship was played in 1988. Aarhus Tigers and Roskilde Kings, two teams from the regions follw in joint third with 4 wins apiece and then there is Avedore Monarchs with 3 wins, Copheenhagen Vikings and Sollerod Gold Diggers each with two wins and Herning Hawks with one.

In all 8 teams have won the Mermaid Bowl, with 10 teams competing in total; Kronborg Knights and Odense Swans both have the unwanted record of five appearnces in the Bowl and five losses.



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