Dixie Football League 1936-1941

DFL 1936

*Ricmond Arrows94235429.667
Portsmouth Cubs94326569.571
*Washington Pros94324940.571
*Baltimore Orioles83327882.500
Alexandria Celtics83414147.429
Norfolk Clancys92524363.286

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DFL 1937

*Washington Presidents750253201.000
Baltimore Blue Birds75118918.833
Richmond Arrows96219028.750
Alexandria Celtics72503063.286
Norfolk Clancys715134112.167
Portsmouth Cubs70612075.000

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DFL 1938

*Norfolk Shamrocks75115930.833
Portsmouth Cubs74308772.571
Richmond Arrows74306729.571
Washington Presidents51312750.250
Alexandria Celtics615042101.167

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DFL 1939

*Portsmouth Cubs86117942.857
*Richmond Arrows86117731.857
Newport News Builders72414547.333
Washington Presidents72414362.333
Norfolk Shamrocks70613496.000

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DFL 1940

*Portsmouth Cubs1081110151.850
Roanoke Travelers64205558.667
Richmond Arrows954015569.556
Washington Presidents72324799.400
Norfolk Shamrocks1036173105.333
Newport News Builders81704392.125

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DFL 1941

*Norfolk Shamrocks1071215658.875
Charlotte Clippers1073018476.700
Newport News Builders1063115887.667
Richmond Arrows1045163132.455
Portsmouth Cubs1037060163.300
Roanoke Travelers1019042147.100

Reference: [6]


The Dixie Football League was a AA Professional American Football League in the South from 1936-1941. The Norfolk Clancys and Norfolk Shamrocks were clearly marketed towards the Irish market, with their Irish nicknames. The Shamrocks won the title in 1941, the last year of the league, with 7 wins and one loss from 10 games.


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