Dublin Bay Prawns Ireland Lacrosse Team Roster & Match Reports 2011-12

Dublin Bay Prawns Logo [Reference: 10]

Final Standings

Dublin Bay Prawns97024519230
NUI Galway94234128121
UCD Lacrosse93152646115
Dublin Lacrosse92163150212
Compiled from: [2] and Results in [8]


ILL 108.10.2011HNUI GalwayW5-0
ILL 108.10.2011HDublin Lacrosse ClubL3-6
ILL 212.11.2011NUIGUniversity college DublinW5-0
ILL 212.11.2011NUIGNUI GalwayL2-3
ILL 311.02.2012DLCUniversity College DublinW3-1
ILL 311.02.2012DLCDublin Lacrosse ClubW7-2
ILL 410.03.2012BelfastUniversity College DublinW5-4
NC SF12.03.2012QUBNUI GalwayW10-1
ILL 507.04.2012UCDNUI GalwayW8-2
ILL 507.04.2012UCDDublin Lacrosse ClubW7-1
NC F07.04.2012UCDUniversity College DublinW4-3
Dublin Bay Prawns Ireland Lacrosse Results 2011-12


MVP and Points Scorers

Awards [8]

ILL Top ScorerPaddy O’LearyDublin Bay Prawns
Offensive MVPPaddy O’LearyDublin Bay Prawns


Roster & Points (Goals and Assists)

David Lusby10100:00
Brad Neunmann04400:00
John O’Connor20200:00
Paul Murran60600:00
Andrew Sloane01100:00
Mark Colgan30200:00
Martin Scanlon44800:00
Kevin Haggerty12300:00
Paddy O’Leary1231500:00
Dublin Bay Prawns Team Roster & Points 2011-12 [Reference: 2]


Dublin Bay Prawns won the 2011-12 Irish Lacrosse League, finishing strongly with five wins from five to finish out the season with 7 wins and two defeats. They also won the Newtownards Cup, triumphing in the Final, 4-3 over University College Dublin, after trouncing NUI Galway 10-1 in the Semi-Finals. In all they won 9 and lost two of their Ireland Lacrosse matches.

The season was also a success individually, with 9 players scoring points, and Paddy O’Leary winning the Top scorer and Offensive MVP (Most Valuable Player) awardsfor his 12 goals and 3 assists.



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Thanks to Brian Bird & Cillian Murphy (Ireland Lacrosse Commissioner)

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