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Dublin City University Saints Irish American Football Team 2006-2010

Dublin City University Saints Logo [Ref: 1]


IAFL Senior Team 2006-2010

Home Ground: 2006-2009: ALSAA Sports Centre, Dublin Airport, Toberbunny, Co. Dublin / Co. Fingal / 2010: Dublin City University Sports Ground

Colours: Blue Helmets, Blue Jerseys, Blue Pants.

Honours: None

All-Time Record: Total: W-L-T: 10-28-2 / Regular Season: 10-26-2 / Postseason: 0-2-0

History: The Dublin City University Saints played five seasons in the Irish American Football League from 2006 to 2010, reaching the Playoffs in 2008 and 2009, losing their first match both times. They enjoyed a rivalry with fellow Dublin teams Dublin Rebels (who they never beat); West Dublin Rhinos (who they won against numerous times); and also Dublin Dragons, Tallaght Outlaws, Trinity College Dublin, and also more established teams in the IAFL, the University of Limerick Vikings, Carrickfergus Knights (who they beat twice) and Cork Admirals (who they shocked once with an 8-0 win).

Year-by-Year Record

YearLeagueRS W-L-T (PF-PA) PtsPS W-L-T (PF-PA)ChampsInt W-L-T (PF-PA)
2006IAFL1-7-0 (125-324) 20-0-0 (0-0)0-0-0 (0-0)
2007IAFL2-6-0 (34-216) 40-0-0 (0-0)0-0-0 (0-0)
2008IAFL4-4-0 (133-141) 80-1-0 (2-34)0-0-0 (0-0)
2009IAFL3-4-1 (86-182) 70-1-0 (0-38)0-0-0 (0-0)
2010IAFL2-5-1 (?-?) 40-0-0 (0-0)0-0-0 (0-0)
DCU Saints IAFL Team Year-By-Year Record 2006-2010 [Ref: 2-7]

Note: RS = Regular Season, PS = Postseason, Int = International

IAFL 2006 Results

219.03.2006AUniversity of Limerick VikingsL0-58
509.04.2006HNorth Dublin MarshalsL41-45
623.04.2006HCarrickfergus KnightsL14-36
807.05.2006HDublin RebelsL12-42
1111.06.2006ANorth Dublin MarshalsW44-32
1325.06.2006ABelfast BullsL0-58
1402.07.2006ADublin DragonsL8-25
1616.07.2006HCork AdmiralsL6-28
DCU Saints IAFL Results 2006 [Ref: 2]

IAFL 2007 Results

125.03.2007ADublin RebelsL0-7
315.04.2007HDublin DragonsL0-6
529.04.2007HCarrickfergus KnightsW20-12
606.05.2007HDublin RebelsL0-46
803.06.2007HUniversity of Limerick VikingsL2-50
910.06.2007ACork AdmiralsL0-64
1017.06.2007ABelfast BullsL0-30 #
1124.06.2007ADublin DragonsW12-0
DCU Saints IAFL Results 2007 [Ref: 3]

IAFL 2008 Results

130.03.2008HCarrickfergus KnightsW30-13
313.04.2008ATallaght OutlawsW44-0
527.04.2008HDublin RhinosW32-3
604.05.2008ADublin RebelsL0-25
925.05.2008HDublin RebelsL0-39
1108.06.2008ADublin RhinosW32-6
1429.06.2008ABelfast BullsW6-0
1506.07.2008HUniversity of Limerick VikingsL12-47
WC20.07.2008ACork AdmiralsL2-34
DCU Saints IAFL Results 2008 [Ref: 4-5]

IAFL Results 2009

229.03.2009HWest Dublin RhinosT18-18
305.04.2009ACarrickfergus KnightsL6-19
419.04.2009HUniversity of Limerick VikingsL0-30
526.04.2009HBelfast TrojansW26-22
610.05.2009AWest Dublin RhinosW22-14
931.05.2009ACork AdmiralsL0-52
1114.06.2009ADublin RebelsL6-27
1405.07.2009HCork AdmiralsW8-0
SF26.07.2009ADublin RebelsL0-38
DCU Saints IAFL Results 2009 [Ref: 6]

IAFL Results 2010

114.03.2010ATrinity College DublinL15-28
411.04.2010HDublin RebelsL6-40
518.04.2010HWest Dublin RhinosL8-15
702.05.2010AWest Dublin RhinosT0-0 #
809.05.2010HCork AdmiralsW6-2
1130.05.2010ABelfast TrojansL0-20
1206.06.2010ADublin RebelsL0-49
1420.06.2010HTrinity College DublinW36-6
DCU Saints IAFL Results 2010 [Ref: 7]

Note: West Dublin Rhinos v DCU Saints (02.05.2010) was a Double Forfeit. 0 PTs each.



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