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The season started brightly for the Dragons with a 12-6 win over defending champions, Dublin Rebels, with Gavinn O’Reilly catching the games only Touchdown from QB Rob Olwill. They lost their next match to UL Vikings by a single Touchdown, Vinny O’Connell’s 3-yard run sandwiched between two Vikings TDs. In week 5, the Dragons again scored a single Touchdown, this time Ulli Zinnecker scoring, but for the second week in a row the Dragons lost as the Knights scored three TDs in reply.

The UL Vikings forfeited the return fixture due to players focusing on exams, and the long layoff before playing Carrickfergus again in Week 11 undoubtedly affected them as the steamroller that was the Carrickfergus Offense was picking up steam late in the season and put up 53 points without reply against the rusty Dragons. Week 12 was the Final Week for the Dragons and they lost 12-6 to Dublin rivals the Rebels in a game decided by the odd Interception Return in three.

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IAFL Division 1 2002

*University of Limerick Vikings6510726410
*Carrickfergus Knights6420167468
Dublin Dragons624054954
Dublin Rebels6150401282

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117.03.02ADublin RebelsW6-0
307.04.02AUL VikingsL6-12
521.04.02ACarrickfergus KnightsL6-18
919.05.02HUL VikingsW30-0 #
1102.06.02ACarrickfergus KnightsL0-53
1209.06.02ADublin RebelsL6-12


Regular Season

Week 1, 17 March 2002

Dublin Rebels 0 Dublin Dragons 6 – The first Touchdown in the 2002 IAFL was caught by Gavin O’Reilly of the Dublin Dragons from Rob Olwill to give the Dragons a shock win over the defending Champions Dublin Rebels.

Dublin Dragons60006
Dublin Rebels00000
1st Quarter 
DRA – Gavin O’Reilly 60 yd Pass from Rob Olwill6-0

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Week 3, 7 April 2002

UL Vikings 12 Dublin Dragons 6 – Conneely was again on the scorers list in Week 3, scoring the winning TD Run, as the Vikings won for the second week in a row.

Dublin Dragons00606
University of Limerick Vikings600612
1st Quarter 
ULV – Andy Cokers 30yd Int Return0-6
3rd Quarter 
DRA – Vinny O’Connell 3yd Run6-6
4th Quarter 
ULV – Tommy Conneely 12yd Run6-12

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Week 5, 21 April 2002

Carrickfergus Knights 18 Dublin Dragons 6At Woodburn RFC, Carrickfergus -Carrickfergus Knights got started in week 5, winning 18-6 over the Dragons, scoring with an Ian McIlroy Pass from Stephen McDowell, Run from Pete Watt and Interception Return from Harris in a total team performance.

At Woodburn RFC, CarrickfergusQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Dublin Dragons06006
Carrickfergus Knights666018
1st Quarter 
CAR – Mark Harris, Fumble Return0-6
2nd Quarter 
CAR – Pete Watt 6yd Run0-12
DRA – Ulli Zinnecker 4yd Run6-12
3rd Quarter 
CAR – Ian McIlroy 37yd Pass from Stephen McDowell6-18

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Week 9, 19 May 2002

Dublin Dragons 30 UL Vikings 0
Forfeited by University of Limerick Vikings due to players focussing on exams.

University of Limerick Vikings0
Dublin Dragons30
Forfeited by University of Limerick Vikings0-30

Week 11, 2 June 2002

Carrickfergus Knights 53 Dublin Dragons 0 – Carrickfergus again showed why they were noew the team to be reckoned with as they thrashed the Dublin Dragons 53-0 in Week 11. Clint McDowell scored on two Runs, McIlroy ran in two TDs and caught another, while McKillop, Robinson and Dimple also got on the scoresheet.

Dublin Dragons00000
Carrickfergus Knights201401953
1st Quarter 
CAR – Clint McDowell 41yd Run0-6
CAR – McKillop 28yd Pass from Stephen McDowell0-12
CAR – Dimple 13yd Run, Clint McDowell 2xpt0-20
2nd Quarter 
CAR – Clint McDowell 45yd Run0-26
CAR – Safety – Punt snapped out of endzone0-28
CAR – Ian McIlroy 34yd Run0-34
4th Quarter 
CAR – Ian McIlroy 15yd Run0-40
CAR – Ian McIlroy 21yd Pass from Stephen McDowell, Stephen McDowell xpt kick0-47
CAR – Scott Robinson 27yd Int Return0-53

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Week 12, 9 June 2002

Dublin Rebels 12 Dublin Dragons 6 – – In Week 12, the Rebels finally won, 12-6 over the Dragons, in a game decided by the odd interception return for a TD in three.

At Civil Service Grounds, Islandbridge, D8Q1Q2Q3Q4Total
Dublin Dragons06006
Dublin Rebels060612
2nd Quarter 
DRA – Ulli Zinnecker, 20yd Int Return6-0
REB – Mark Slater, 24yd Int Return6-6
4th Quarter 
REB – Travis Lawson, 54yd Int Return6-12

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Roster 2002

10Mark LawlessCornerback / Wide Receiver000
13Rob OlwillQuarterback000
26Eric BlackStrong Safety / Wide Receiver000
27John DurradQuarterback / Strong Safety000
30Dave WheelerTailback / Kick Return000
33Vinny O’ConnellFullback / Kick Return106
35Andrew DevineCornerback000
38Steve ArchibaldCornerback000
42Gavin BreadonFullback / Outside Linebacker000
47Mike GustafsonFullback000
47Al BurkeInside Linebacker000
51Ulli ZinneckerInside Linebacker2012
56Lez ConnellyOutside Linebacker000
62Nicholas McCabeOffensive Lineman / Defensive Lineman000
64MartinOffensive Lineman / Defensive Lineman000
68ChrisOffensive Lineman / Defensive Lineman000
69Neil HollandNose Tackle000
76Alan RutherfordWide Receiver000
78Eoin WalshDefensive Lineman000
81Mark CampbellWide Receiver000
82Gavin O’ReillyQuarterback / Wide Receiver106
86Kevin CoddWide Receiver000
88PJ DalyTight End / Defensive End000
#Dave FarrellWide Receiver000
#Kenneth TracyTight End / Defensive End000





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